Monday, October 08, 2012

The downhill spiral

Yesterday I shared that we have a busy week lined up and a sick husband and one child.  Well, today we got more news.

James has Strep, and has the beginnings of pneumonia!  And, surprise surprise, Lynae also has Strep!

Tomorrow instead of flu shots we'll be bringing the other boys in to be swabbed for Strep!  Except for Wesley because he's already on antibiotics since he was recently diagnosed for the THIRD time with H. Pylori.  That means that the treatments aren't working on him!  He has had it from being in the orphanage in Ukraine, as did Micah.

Now we have a lovely regimen of 13 meds per day between my husband, sick kids, and the well kids that take regular meds.  Plus Tylenol/Motrin and Probiotics!  I've also cancelled the Endocrinology appointments and dentist appointments for the week.  No use doing bloodwork when the kids are sick, and no one wants to be in their faces with Strep in the house either!

I guess we'll be having less of a busy week after all.  Depending on Brianna and Emma's throat status, we may be cancelling their cardiology appointments for Thursday too.

In good news... Michael (yes, he still has pneumonia and should have been sleeping...) installed our microwave yesterday.  So, now we can at least have popcorn with our movie days since I'm trying to keep the kids separated and not infect every toy and surface of the house if we can help it!!

Off to sanitize some more...

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  1. fun. I'm sure you know but keep the doses of antibiotics and taking the probiotics as far apart as possible ( ex: if antibiotics are 7am and 7pm then try to give probiotics at 1 pm.). If given too close together they will cause the antibiotics to not be as affective. Hope your family gets back up on their feet quick!