Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More random facts about life in the sick house...

  • My house is more sanitary than it has been in a very long time.
  • Priorities bubble down to this: keep kids safe, keep kids away from each other, give all meds at required times, feed children, keep house sanitized to not spread germs,.... Then everything else.  In that order.
  • Even the most disgusting medicine, when served with chocolate syrup and infant oatmeal, can become appealing to the right audience in a way that a promised m&m afterward couldn't accomplish alone.
  • Aleksa can take great deep breaths with an inhaler without a spacer because she hates the experience and begins gasping at the sight of it.  
  • I believe having pneumonia may have finally taught Aleksa how to cough.  She always muffled it and wouldn't allow any force.  Now she at least coughs when she's sleeping, even if she won't when she's wide awake...
  • If you aren't leaving the house or expecting company, then if you shower and get dressed, it will work out that way.  If you don't. You'll either have to leave the house or someone will come by.
  • We have a LOT of door to door sales people that come down our quiet dead end road.  They want to cut our trees, our lawn, our bushes,  shine our porch tiles, clean the driveway, sell us magazines, monitor our security system, and clean our pool.  Yet they all want money for it...
  • Security system sales people creep me out.  Especially the guy that came by today.  Glad we have that all taken care of already!
  • I love that each bedroom has a door that closes and opens and I can use this device to keep kids and their stuff somewhat separated.  Loving the addition even more as we experience this little bought of the plague.
  • I started making a meal on the weekend that is intended to be remade as different meals throughout the week and so far it is the smartest cooking plan I've had yet.  This week is pulled BBQ pork, which will make 3 meals.  Pulled pork sandwiches were yesterday aftere it cooked in the crock pot all day, tonight was pork, sour cream, and Swiss cheese quesadillas in the sandwich press.  The last meal I'll save a few days and it may be sandwiches or quesadillas again, but I'll hunt for another variation on the theme... Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I did something similar with meals this week. We had BBQ chicken in the crock pot. We did sandwiches, quesadillas, on top of baked potatoes, and lastly a BBQ chicken pizza!

  2. Still praying for you and all of your angels. We have had illness in our house of five for two weeks and I am exhausted, so I can only imagine what you are feeling. Praying for strength and peace that only He can provide!

  3. I am so sorry the sickness continues. 1 can of crescent rolls spread out over the bottom of a cake pan.Take the pork, add a can of refried beans, some taco seasoning, and sauteed onion (optional) and spread it over the crescent rolls. Top with cheese and bake according to crescent rolls directions.

  4. Oh I forgot this idea! Shred the pork and add some taco seasoning. Make Mexican rice, add the pork and cheese and make burritos.