Saturday, May 21, 2011

iPad Apps- PreK Words

Pre-K Words
  • Smart Baby Food festival (FREE).  This one has several  sets of free flashcards and others you can purchase.  Breakfast foods are free.  A simple tap advances the screen.  This does have several settings you can work with.  You can choose to show words then flachcards, or images then words, capitalization customization, and you can add, delete, and customize flashcards, record voices, playback, add photos, etc.  It appears to be very customizable!!  I HAVE NOT USED THESE FEATURES YET.  I did choose “Words then flachcard” and it shows the word “Bread” and speaks it, then shows a loaf of bread with the word below and speaks it again.  I like it! J  One option is to see the list of ‘favorites’ where you can star words in ANY flashcard set (within this app) and you can view all of those together.
  • Smart Baby my first couplets (FREE).  Very similar to the Smart Baby Food festival app, there are custom settings such as capitalization, play mode, timing, and sound.    Animals, shapes, foods, toys, etc are all on here, but this one goes a step further and gives an adjective for each noun “healthy broccoli”, “long carrot”, “soft koala”.   A neat app with a lot of custom features.
  • Smart Baby Around town lite (FREE).  More customizable flashcards with park, businesses, vehicles, shuffle features, and the ability to choose favorites within the app and view them all together. 
  • BEE Free  Animals First Words (FREE).  Animal flashcards—it has the N backwards!! YIKES!  This shows a chalk board with letters and a animal in the corner.   C O W.  Cow.  You can choose to ‘speak’ or ‘spell’ in the top corner, then a next button to advance.   It’s an app that my kids will play with, and it teaches spelling and is cute.  It does really bother me that they write the N backward in their name though!!

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