Friday, May 06, 2011

A week with all Mondays

I think this week has all been Mondays!

The first Monday, the real one, I spent in Orlando with Wesley getting his cast off then getting a brace fit for him.  It was an all day event, getting home right at the end of school for the kids then Mike had a meeting at church in the evening, so he came home for a quick dinner and I had the kids for the evening.

The second Monday, well, Tuesday, I spent in Orlando with Wesley doing his MRI and then dinner.  The MRI was running late, and he hadn't eaten all day... They finally did it at 2pm.  Finished up around 4... grabbed some dinner... then got a call from the brace company that Wesley's brace (yes, ordered the night before), so we went and picked that up.  Got home just before bed time.  Then sat and researched the paperwork that I'd received from the school for Brianna's IEP...

The third Monday, Wednesday, I spent the morning at the kids' school at Field Day!  It was a lot of fun, but also HOT and I had three kids with me plus the two participating (Emma and Kristopher), so it was a busy morning too!  After that, we went to observe at one of the schools that they may be placing some of our kids at.  Aleksa was, by then, in rare form.  I guess maybe it's not rare form, because she seems to do it often, but goodness, she was not listening, acting out like a true institutionalized child that has no bonding... it's so sad to see.  She was taking off her glasses, running away with a grin on her face, standing up every 20 seconds when asked to sit down, running up to strangers and taking their hands or climbing them to pick her up... she was wetting herself once we got home (she was in pull ups for the day since I knew we'd be on the field for field day, and I'm not sure if she wet herself in the morning or not).  It was a TOUGH time with her at the second school then at home in the afternoon.  We were supposed to have a vision eval but the therapist had called our home phone... which was not yet reconnected since the lightning strike took out our phone modem... so I had a babysitter to help with the kids and, he didn't show up.  Youth group at night for Kristopher so another solo evening for me!  I also got a draft copy of the IEP for Brianna that afternoon and spent most of the evening going through it and, well, rewriting it... because there was quite a bit that just wasn't what we were looking for with Brianna's school year next year.  I was up until about midnight working on that...

The fourth Monday, Thursday, I spent the morning working on the IEP again.  About 1230 I left for the school.  The IEP started at 1:30... and I got home at 6:30!  Just in time to get the kids in bed and...EAT.  A pop tart and can of coke only go SO FAR for a day!  I was exhausted and starving!!  Then I made a few phone calls to people that wanted to hear about the IEP and attempted to hit the sack early.

The fifth Monday, Friday, I went to WalMart first thing in the morning to buy gifts for the kids' teachers!  It's teacher appreciation week, and I hadn't had a second to breathe to get something for the teachers!  So... off we went to WalMart then parked at a park near the school to sign the cards then to the school to drop off gifts!  I love delivering gifts, especially when the teachers aren't 'expecting' them.  It's also nice to drop in on the kids every once in a while and worked out that the timing of it was during down time in each classroom so we were invited in to each one to visit for a minute... even with three kids in tow!  I really like all the kids' teachers this year!!  We rescheduled the vision therapist for today at 11:30, so we ran back home for lunch and the final piece of the vision eval.  Nap time was also bill time and apparently phone call time too!  Then back to the school to pick up the kids (in the rain) and to my parents' house to drop off my mom's mother's day gift.  I was going to drop off Mike's mom's also, but it was late and raining, and well, she'll read that here before I talk to her since she didn't know we were coming :)  But that one just had to wait a day! LOL.  So we ran home, unpacked, got everyone settled and made another phone call or two between playing with kids and supervising the building of a cardboard box house by Kristopher.  Mike had a ball game tonight so wasn't home for dinner (or until about 11pm LOL!) so I cooked up a quick dinner, PJs, and bed time for the kids...

Which brings me to now, when I've been sitting on my bed with my iPad watching multiple shows of Brothers&Sisters and just TOTALLY VEGGING.  Oh, and I ate a drumstick ice cream in bed too.

Tomorrow... Mike has another meeting in the morning, then I'm running to Sam's, and we have the privilege of having friends over for the celebration of their daughter's 5th birthday!!  I'm looking forward to celebrating with friends and some down time with it :)

Sunday- CHURCH.  THAT'S ALL.  I think...


  1. OMG did you just post about my crazy week minus the cast? but you missed some for us too :) hope next week is calmer for us both ;)

  2. Wow! And I thought my week was hectic with 1 in the hospital and homeschooling the other 4 at home! Puts things in perspective! Hope you feel much more relaxed next week!