Sunday, May 22, 2011

iPad Apps- PreK Animals

Pre-K Animals-
  • Farm Flip (FREE). A basic concentration game!  The initial screen has all the animals and as you touch them they play their sounds.    Touch “play” and use matching to find each animal pair.  After being matched the animal sounds play and the card becomes a watermark where it was.  A very cute, simple, independent game!
  • Animals Tool (FREE).  This has a bunch of animals in a ‘board’ but they are goofy looking renditions of the animals with one eye bigger than the other in all of them and parts of the body emphasized like a big nose or head, etc.  When each is clicked on it plays the animal sound.   This is a very basic app and doesn’t say the animal name, so I don’t use it much.  It’s not one I’ve noticed the kids getting interested on their own and won’t be staying installed.  Maybe the full version has more features?
  • Animal Farm (FREE).  Little animals each have their place around a farm.  After you put them in the ‘puzzle’…  well, not sure what you do!  This one’s getting uninstalled. 
  • Animals Free (FREE).  This has you choose English or French right off the bat, which is annoying for Preschoolers to do on their own, but then has real NICE quality pictures of animals.  Click the animal photos and their sounds play.  Scroll down to see MANY beautiful pictures and hear the unique animal sounds.  Beautiful real life photos make this one worth it.  Not sure what else the paid version has, but this one’s worth it alone even!
  • Photo Touch Farm Animals (FREE).  This is similar to an alphabet app, the same maker.    It gives 3 animal choices and says “Touch the goat”.  A correct answer gives positive reinforcement.  As it progresses, it goes from 3 choices up to 10 to choose from.  Great real pictures with white backgrounds and shows in all different patterns on the screen.  Good for identifying and learning instead of just feeding information. 
  • Flashcards (FREE).  Only one set of cards is free—Animals.  The flashcards show a cartoony picture of an animal and say the name, it also has the word written below the animal and a ((())) sound button.  Click the animal and it makes the animal sound and says the name.  Click a letter of the word and it says the letter name.  Click the ((())) sound button and it says the animal name.  Advance with a ‘flick’ or after time it will advance.  A good one!
  • I hear Ewe (FREE).  This has several pages of cartoony animal faces and transportation vehicles too.  Twelve on each page, and I like this for WESLEY!  You click an animal and it says “this is the sound the frog makes” and makes the sound.  That is great because the name of the animal and the sound are together.  Since he has vision issues I love that he hears the animal name and sound so even if he doesn’t see the animal, that he associates the animal sound and name together.  Not an annoying voice either, which is helpful!
  • Animal Sounds (FREE).  A large set of animal pictures, click one and it brings up the animal picture with the word below.  The animal sound plays.  No spoken ‘name’ of the animal.   Click on it and it goes to a second picture of the same animal.  Another click and it goes back to the home page.  Not a bad app, real life pictures, but not very exciting.  It can be customized but I don’t see a way to have it say the animal names aloud.

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  1. thanks for the great ipad aps...i'd like to share a couple that my 3.5 year old loves
    1) alphabet car
    2) baby shapes
    3) baby writer HD
    4) animal train (her favorite)
    they are all free also.

    God bless you for your love for have a BEAUTIFUL family.