Monday, May 23, 2011

iPad Apps- PreK Colors

Pre-K Colors
  • Smart Baby Colors (FREE).  This app shows stripes of a color and says the color and has the color name.  On a tap or swipe it changes to “green iguana” with a picture of an iguana.   You can tag some to set it up to only see some of the flashcards- “favorites”.  A good app.
  • Color Match (FREE).  This is a concentration game using colors.  You can choose for the pictures to be face up or face down and can choose whether there are 2 sets (4 cards), 4, or 8 used.  As each color is flipped over it says the color name.  When the colors match, the tiles are removed and a picture is below of a crayon.  Brianna loves this one!
  • Color Slapps (FREE).  3 levels of play,  Level 1 says “Find black” with only black on the screen.  Level 2 has two colors.  No recognition of wrong answers, only correct answers.  “Find pink” repeats every few seconds to prompt the child.  Level 3 has three colors to choose from. 
  • Parents Flashcards (FREE).  I have in-app purchases disabled (for ALL of my iPad!) and this program gives me tons of errors because of that! The free ones are colors and shapes and there are flashcards and quizzes.  They’re decent!  The quizzes ask which color is…  and has the name of the color at the bottom.  4 choices to choose from.  This is a nicely made app, the only down side is that it has arrows to push rather than a tap or flick to advance. 
  • Balloons (FREE).  Colors, numbers, or animal games  The bad part is, the color is written on a sign on the left side of the screen!  Idea is to pop the balloons that are that color.  The color word is written in its own color, so you can see “yellow” IS Yellow, but still no verbal directions.  For the numbers and animals, it’s not as easily distinguished, so if you don’t know the number word you can’t play the games without help.  Great for learning color, number, and animal words though!

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