Friday, May 20, 2011

iPad Apps- PreK Numbers

Pre-K Numbers
  • 123 Numbers- iTouchiLearn Numbers (FREE).  This opens with familiar music and as spoken words and animations to show each number.  It does it very quickly and doesn’t pause to allow you to count the objects, though it does count them for you.  The games are something Brianna enjoys playing,  The Frog Game has 3 frogs and gives oral directions to select the correct number for how many frogs are there.   Music plays throughout the time on the app.  You earn stars in the games and has encouraging comments throughout.  The matching game is one that Brianna likes to play, especially.  It goes into a little higher math skill with “touch the lowest number”.  Another very basic app, but if my kids like to play with it and will learn while doing it, then that’s worth it to me!  This version has only 1-2-3 unless purchased, so the free version gets kindof boring pretty quickly. 
  • Finger Count (FREE). Practice is interesting… you have a visual that’s very abstract that looks like two hands placed palm down on the iPad (thumbs in the middle).  The fingers are numbered with number WORDS, which isn’t helpful for kids who are learning their letters and numbers still, but does introduce the sight word of the numbers for later on.  This is one of those apps that looks like a great idea and ends up being a bust.  It’s uninstalled.  Too abstract, not enough directions to figure out what you’re supposed to do, etc.  And that’s ME, not the kids J
  • Toddler 123 Free (FREE). This is a partner to Toddler Alphabet/ Toddler ABC also reviewed.  The number one seems to be better designed!  It describes what to do a little and at the top has arrows (tho they appear to be disguised!) to advance activities.  This is the same wooden puzzle idea, with a story spoken then you choose the puzzle pieces and it audibly counts which answers the question.  You do have to get the right squid into the right space, which is kindof annoying.  But, it’s a step up from the toddler ABC game.  The number song is cute.  It has something written in some weird language next to the 123 at the top, but then sings “10 little Indians” with a unique accent J.  Writing numbers is another fail out because you just have to scribble on the page and it says “cool” as long as the entire number is colored in too…
  • Dots Lite! Tots for Dots (FREE).  This shows one dot, then speaks “one”.  Touch the dot, the number 1 shoes.  Touch the number 1, two dots show and “two” is spoken.  Each time the screen is tapped it advances.  You cannot count the dots by touching the screen because it advances.  Another very basic one, not one I love.  

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