Friday, May 20, 2011

We all Survived!

Our last two IEPs of the year are FINISHED!!

Only ONE more day of school too!!

And... I think there may be a need for a drumroll here...


Right Now

Subject to change

There is a very high chance that

ALL SEVEN of our kids may go to the SAME SCHOOL next year!

Anyone else jumping up and down??  :)  Ok, that's probably just me.  More on how that works later, but the outcome of the IEPs today was what we were hoping for-- placement for Aleksa is a supported level classroom and for Wesley it is the SAME!  We were concerned about a possible push toward a profound/participatory class which wasn't even the slightest bit the case, which I'm SO glad for!

As of today's information, here's our next year:
Aleksa- Primary supported level classroom (2nd grade)
Emma- Primary supported level classroom (2nd grade)
Kristopher- 2nd grade
Wesley- Primary supported level classroom (Kindergarten)
Brianna- Kindergarten with resource (pull out for Reading and Math in supported level classroom)
James- K4 EELP
Micah- K4 EELP

Of course, nothing is finalized, because that's how things work :)  We get info, then we get new info, then we get more new info...  Then more... which changes the first three sets of info we had :)

But today, I will just be happy that we THINK that all the kids will be together


  1. It would be wonderful to have your children all in one place in order to enjoy parties, programs as well as getting to know the faculty and staff on a broader level. You will have so much more ability to do for them without having to choose where to be at what time and how to get them to and from school. I pray that this happens for you so that life can be managed much more easily.

  2. i'm thanking the Lord and rejoicing with you! woohoo

  3. That is great blessing!Praying for you.