Friday, May 20, 2011

It's IEP time!

It's time for another two IEPs!  Here we go for Wesley and Aleksa!

I expect these to be fairly straightforward... the only hesitation we have is making sure that the children's lack of exposure to any and everything academic as well as their limited English isn't going to hold them back from being able to access everything they have the POTENTIAL of doing well.  For instance, making sure that Wesley isn't put into a classroom based on what his current level of function is when looked at another 6 yr old with the same skills.  Rather, looking at the development he's made in the previous 5 months since the beginning of his exposure to a family, socialization, and the language, we should determine what his potential MAY be and push toward the  higher level of those two.  After all, if it doesn't work out in the "higher" placement, reconvening to move him to a different class isn't the end of the world.  Starting off in a "lower" placement, how will we know that he needs to be placed higher??  And then how much time has he "lost" in a lower placement?

So... off we go!  I am actually not so nervous about this one and looking forward to a great set of goals for each of them.

Let's hope the school personnel agree with me :) :).

OH- and more info about school-related stuff (general info that may help others too!) coming up either later today or soon... whenever I find the time to type :D

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