Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Because I need to write

I have no idea what this will end up being, but, here it is...  Because I need to write.

I've had so much going on lately that it's been hard to blog.  And a lot of what has been going through my head and heart isn't stuff that I feel like I can openly post about.  My opinions of how things are going with the school-- knowing full well that many people will be reading here that are involved in our school things-- aren't exactly something that I can write about.

So here's my attempt at putting words on paper (?- digital paper?) because I need this outlet... without being too outward in what I say since I don't want to get myself in trouble :D.

Ok, here goes...

Aleksa lost a tooth!  Michael and I were talking while I was at Wal Mart on Sunday and was panicked that Aleksa's tooth fell out, and there wasn't another tooth under it :).  Confused?  HE WAS!!  LOL  Kristopher's teeth have always been 'pushed out' by the adult tooth underneath.  So Michael hadn't had a child lose a tooth that didn't already have a tooth under it already :).. So... YAY, for Aleksa's first tooth that she lost at home (tho we have no idea what she DID with it...).  This is her front right bottom tooth, the second ones out.  She'd already lost her front bottom teeth before she came to us (Wesley too!).

I've been working on some summer projects.  We try to continue working on academics in the summer time, in fact, working on things that will head the kids in to a successful year the coming year!  One project that I just finished making is a word board.  We had an empty science backboard, so I took some strips of hook velcro and put one on each 'end' piece and three down the length of the back portion.  Then, I took some plastic folders and cut them into strips.  On each strip I wrote a word.  I used family names, color names, days of the week, months, number words 1-10, the numbers 1-20... then I got two different kindergarten sight word lists and combined them... and the DownsEd list of words.  I put a hole punch in each word strip and bought rings to group the lists into separate rings so they can easily be accessed.

Right now, Kristopher's having a great time working on family names, numbers 1-20, and color words with both Brianna and James!  Kris is enjoying being the teacher, James loves being able to do anything that Kristopher does, and Brianna is enjoying being successful at the game since she already knows her colors (and at the moment the colors are all written on their own color word strip-- later they will be on white strips too!), and she knows her sibling names and numbers 1-10.  So, she's having a lot of success and just working on 11-20 and having success with the rest of the requests.

School... well, here goes.  We have IEPs for Aleksa and Wesley on Friday.  I wrote up an explanation of where our kids are and where they have come from and sent it on to the people writing the IEPs for them.  I included our desire for them each to attend 2-3 day school weeks initially and the behaviors that we are seeing from Aleksa that are of concern.  I learned today that the kids will have to be on psychological homebound in order to not be held to the compulsory school attendance and truancy issues.  I already knew that this was a possibility, and I'm fine going through the process but it's just one more thing that we have to take on to jump through the hoops to.  And so... I have contacted our pediatrician and social worker to get their input and assistance in going through the process.  Another full day of hone calls and research and emails and faxes.

I also cleaned our room today.  You know, the room where the adults in the house sleep... the one that never gets looked at by anyone other than Michael and I and therefore... piles up.  When we are up three or four times at night we're tripping over still-packed bags from our last trip out of town and boxes of things that got moved out of the main areas of the house.  Well... now they're out!  The bags are unpacked.  The toys are pitched back into the playroom.  The clothes that had been set aside after being washed (or not?) are back in the laundry.  The room is CLEAN.  Walkable.  Livable.  It was highly overlooked... and looking much better!

Today was the first of 4 shortened school days.  The last 4 days of school before summer.  The kids all had a nice day, and tomorrow is THURSDAY!  Another day without plans.  The second one in three weeks!!!  I can't wait.  :)

Ok, enough therapeutic writing :)  Time to tend to the little boy that just started crying in his bedroom.  I'm SO glad he's decided to sleep better even with his hip brace for night time.  He's such a sweet little guy...

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  1. My least favorite thing in the world... prepping for IEPS. I dread it, mostly because I know I am NEVER on the same page as the powers-that-be. ugh

    Good luck! I hope everything works out successfully for you!