Thursday, May 12, 2011

IEP #3

Yep, more on IEPs!  After receiving comments, it often opens up other thoughts on the subject :)  So, here is a response to a comment...

In 2 1/2 years of IEPs for 4 kids (currently, the other two are next week), we have had many 'easy' IEP meetings!  Several that we went in, went through the IEP, were comfortable with everything, and we left.  I recommend getting an advocate or family helper only if you have difficulty understanding the IEP, the process, or being able to speak up for your child, or if you feel there is or will be conflict that you want help with.  If any of those is the case, then get some help :).  Help doesn't have to be adversarial!  It is to help you and your child to find our way through the system and through the wording and through the process without being stressed out :).

YES, our IEP for Brianna was stressful, and any IEP for a child where the expectations of the school personnel and the parents is known to differ before the meeting will inevitably be a little difficult.  But, as I tried to stress in the previous posts, Prayer, Trust, and setting yourself AND the school up for success through educating yourself and informing the school staff will help everyone to have a successful meeting.

Be KIND, ALWAYS.  That's a necessity! :)

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  1. We have ONE IEP to deal with yearly. I can't imagine having as many as you do. They stress me out! :-)