Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HOME sweet home...

So glad to be home!

We had a GREAT trip to visit Elizabeth and are thankful for the little break from the everyday as well as a fun weekend visiting with her and spending time together :).

We have had a laid back day today, lots of playing and snuggling and just hanging out.

It's been interesting, too, working back with the RR team a bit over the last week helping move their forum from an email based one over to one on a contained forum.  I haven't been very involved in the last 7 months since traveling for our kids and resigning from the Ukraine program, and it has been fun to follow along again and be involved, albeit without so much (or any, really) responsibility :).

I have a few blog posts running through my mind to share different things I've found lately and thoughts and stuff with the kids and.... I will try to find time to share some more soon :).

In the mean time, I'm glad to be back in the summer run with all the kids!

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