Friday, July 02, 2010

They're on their way!

The Shupps are on their way overseas, and Patrick is settling in well here! I'm sure in a few days the shock of when are they coming back?? will settle in with Patrick, but for now he's just playing and having out with the kids and doing amazingly well.

Here's a little info about Patrick for those of you that haven't followed the Shupp's journey:

He is 6 years old, just a month older than Kristopher!
He is POTTY TRAINED completely, so no additional diapers (and I'm very thankful for that!)
He wears glasses as thick as coke bottles, but does amazingly well navigating without them as well!
Patrick speaks a lot of very clear words and the general instructions and responses I can understand easily.
He also has his own little language that he jabbers in some, and I'm pretty sure he might speak Jameseneese just like James does :)
He's a stocky little solid kiddo but not nearly as hefty as I was expecting him to be!
He's a good eater, very polite, and aside from saying "NO!" to just about every request at first glance, he's still doing great (and when I say "not no, YES," he's following through and doing what's been asked anyway.

I'm looking forward to getting to know him better over the coming weeks and will post some pic's of him with the kids in a little bit.

Kinda sad now that I can post pic's of our visitor but not our James :( But, some of the photos will just have to be over on the my normal family blog so they can include James (and be passworded) too :)

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Yeah! Patrick is in good hands and I know Lyndi is happy about that! We are so hoping that our paths will cross with hers when we are over there.