Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One little Q&A

Ashley's Mom has left a new comment on your post "Monroe needs a family- and has a $20k grant!":

I really don't understand the policy of only married couples adopting. Is it a requirement of the country or of Reese's Rainbow?
I am the single parent of 5 children, three with significant disabilities. My children are thriving and learning and loving.
Would it be perfect to have a married couple to parent them - perhaps. Is a single parent a better choice than the institution you describe - definitely.

The single parent policy is that of Monroe's country, not of RR. There are several countries that allow single-parent adoptions including Russia, Bulgaria, and Serbia. There is no question that every child deserves a family and that a single parent can effectively parent children!

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  1. I agree! My sister is a single mom and we were just having that same conversation on the phone less than an hour ago! I told her of the other countries that allow for single moms. A loving one-parent home is definitely better than an institution. But rules are rules :-/