Friday, July 23, 2010


It's been a week since Monroe's grant was posted, and still... no family :( Please share the word about Monroe! Please pray for his family to know they are the ones to go and get him, and soon! We are praying he will have a committed family this weekend!

Monroe's timeline is very short at this point! He will be transferred to an institution (the WORST that I am aware of in his country :( ) likely around December. But his country doesn't accept dossiers from November to February. So a family would have to have their entire dossier done in about 10 weeks in order to mail, translate, and submit before they close down! This gives a very tight timeline for him to find a family before he is inevitably transferred to the institution.

Having met "Misha" (now Micah Malone) before he was transferred to the institution, and then seeing the child that Chris and Mary met when they got him after a few months in the institution, I am very hopeful that a family can get to Monroe before he has to be transferred! Monroe is not where Misha was, but the conditions are the same (or worse since Monroe is completely dependent for all of his needs).

It breaks my heart to even imagine him in such a place! Please pray for Monroe's family to know that he is theirs!

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  1. Wish there wasn't so many rules...I do not meet the means test.. praying for him!