Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family pictures!


We had a great time at Portrait Innovations today!  They had a photographer and a ‘child wrangler’ and all the kids did great!  I have been pleased by their staff both times that we’ve gone, and the prices are SO MUCH better than the other places we’ve been that have ‘comparable’ service. 

My parents came along today as well (I was at their house when I made the appt yesterday and we were thankful for their help!). 

Enjoy! :)

In no particular order… (Family pic’s, pic’s of the 6 kids, and photos of James are all on the MyNormalFamily blog…)


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**Emma is not walking, but she can stand stationary for a few seconds and even will occasionally move a foot to take a step or two when she loses her balance!  These are the first pic’s of her standing alone and we are so proud of her!  As you can see, I wasn’t far away ;)


  1. I love that you can see your knees in the picture. Its a neat reminder of her growth and relationship with you.

    And all of the other pictures capture the kids personalities perfectly!

  2. monroe is going to fit in so well with your family he even looks alot like his siblings..iam so glad my prayers were heard..

  3. cute kids! cant wait to see James. and monroe!

  4. Your kids are getting so big! Micah is such a chunk compared to when he came home.

    They all look great!

    Congrats about Monroe. He will be in a perfect family!

  5. Oh My, how beautiful each and every one of your children are. They have grown so much in the time that I have been reading your blog. God bless!

  6. Your children are so beautiful! You are so blessed :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. Would love to see James picture. Looking forward to your journey to get Monroe. What a lucky young man he is.

  8. They are such wonderful pictures of your sweet children. I cried tears of joy to see Emma standing, she has to be so proud of herself.

  9. Hi Meredith, The are all so beautiful! Emma sure doesn't look like the same little girl I held so long ago. She, and the rest of them, are so amazing. Yay to you for committing to follow God's lead Monroe too. See you in a few months at this years Buddy Walk :)
    Love, Kelley

  10. Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids! :>)

  11. You have beautiful children. Great pics!

  12. Beeeeeautiful!!! They have all gotten so big

  13. Wow! I am so excited to see Emma standing! All your children are so beautiful.