Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The rest of the story

What, you figure there's more to the story than just a crazy Meredith and her wonderfully and equally crazy husband Michael??

Yes, of course there is!

Today, in about 2 hours, a little boy and his mom will begin an adventure. That adventure involves 13 hours of driving to a place they've never been, to greet people they've never met, and to get that little boy settled in with his pseudo family for the next month.

And so the next adventure begins... Tomorrow I will get to meet Lyndi for the first time and get acquainted with Patrick! He will be staying with us while Lyndi, Bill, and Jordan (big brother) go to Ukraine to adopt 15 yr old Freddie. We are looking forward to getting to know Patrick and are glad for the ability to help the Shupp family out in this way.

Life is about to get just a little bit crazier, but hey- we can deal with just about anything for a month... right? :)

The new crew:
Emma (7, Ds)
Kristopher (6)
Patrick (6, Ds)
Brianna (4, Ds)
James (3, Ds)
Micah (3, Ds)
Lynae (9 mos)

And... even with an extra kiddo in the house... I promise to blog more about our activities this month so that Lyndi can see what her little man is up to during his time with the Cornish crew :)

(ps, yes, our social workers and even their supervisors are all in the know about our arrangements and are supportive of our keeping Patrick for this time :) ).


  1. I am so glad to read about your adventures and how open you are to God's leading in your life. I pray His blessings on your family.

  2. How awesome!


  3. I think you and Mike are the most wonderful kind of crazy I've ever seen! I pray more christians could/would be obedient to being that crazy. Bob and I are crazy, but not sure if we are obedient enough to be THAT crazy...if ever we are called to be, I pray we are. May your month be a blessing beyond all measure. Praying Lindi has smooth sailing the rest of the way in getting Freddie home, I know it has been a challenge all along.

  4. That is absolutely amazing that you guys offered to do that for her!!! What a blessing to have become acquainted with some of the most amazing people! Praying for us all as we all continue our journeys!