Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is it Bathed In Love?

Or Bathed in Hand Sanitizer?

Thanks for all the questions, I'll continue doing Q&A's as long as there are questions :) There's a few more already that I'll post soon!

I was just talking to Patrick's mom on the phone and as we got off I'm pretty sure she realized I needed to go when I said "DID YOU JUST PEE ON THE FLOOR??"

Yes, mine, not hers :) Brianna and Patrick both went to go potty and somehow hers ended up on the floor and she walked through it before she finished up in the potty. *sigh*

I used to think that the idea of a bath in hand sanitizer would be a joke. But as I cleaned up the floor, her feet her legs, and she still had a certain... aroma... about her... I then wiped that sweet little girl down with Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer! She now smells like a sweet little girl too!

And I think we need more sanitizer.

There's a quart+ size one in the bathroom (not B&BW), and another in the kitchen, and two in the bedrooms and living room... But with kids potty training, it's either lots of hand sanitizer AFTER they wash with soap and water, or...

Well, let's just say it's good to have sanitizer around!

And yes, of course the kids are also bathed in love, not just hand sanitizer (and it's all far out of their reach!).


  1. I think I would die without hand sanitizer. The boys bathroom at camp is perpetually out of hand soap. So we rely on Purell. Or "merchelle" as my campers call it.

  2. I'm sure you are aware of this, but just want to put it out there. It is best if it is alcohol free, especially with children who use it frequently or on a large amount of their body. Some children have actually gotten alcohol poisoning from using too much. More and more ar alcohol free nowadays. Just food for thought for those who may not have thought about it. :o)

  3. I gave you an award