Friday, July 23, 2010

Is your YES on the table?

Or are you waiting to be asked the question before you decide?


  1. Our YES is on the table. I wrote you an email about Monroe.

  2. Amen to that. I think God is about to stretch me in some ways I didn't expect for Him to - praying for the courage to keep saying Yes!

  3. My yes is always on the table that according to most people is what makes me CRAZY!! LOL!

    Oh how I desperately want to be the family for Monroe and I have been begging God to do the miraculous (there's no way we qualify through USCIS to adopt internationally) In the meantime, I will just keep praying for Monroe and for someone's heart to be stirred and for their YES to be on the table!!
    Much love!

  4. Ummm....that would be the reason my husband had to build us a bigger table :)
    (and remember that as long as YOU are "crazier" than me, then it's all good!)