Sunday, July 04, 2010

Moving about!

We got up the gumption to get out of the house yesterday and the nine of us headed to Sears to buy a washer and dryer. The kids were good for the most part, though Patrick educated Mike on what the word "Runner" really means. He took off and Mike grabbed him in about 10 steps. Patrick wasn't so sure about that! LOL But he didn't run again :)

The guys at Sears were very patient with us, with our quad stroller, wheelchair, and 6 yr old boys by the hands. We DID end up with a new washer and dryer set, 4.5 sq foot capacity washer and a 7.4 sq foot capacity dryer. BIG. And necessary! And on sale, so less expensive than many of the other models we'd looked at previously.

Now we just have to locate an LG gas conversion kit for liquid propane. That should be fun!

Patrick is really doing great. He comes up and says "Mama?" to which we tell him Mommy is meeting Freddie and will be back soon, but he's staying with us for a little while. He seems ok with that (so far). He's not napping, and he's up with the crack of dawn, but aside from that he runs the same schedule as the rest of our kids and is doing very well.

Patrick LOVES to hug and gave Mike a huge hug this morning which quite made his day! He hadn't 'picked' him yet so that was nice :). He and Brianna have a little 'thing' going... I'm pretty sure he just doesn't realize he's twice as big as her. They seem very similar in their communication and understanding of most things, so maybe he just thinks she's the same age as he is? Not sure! But she's gotten pummeled with things a few times LOL. And, he hugs hard :) But she lets us know and he's said 'sorry' and we just keep on going!

Today is church, so we're off with all the littles in tow! We met with two young men from our church yesterday and they're going to be 1:1 with Patrick and with Emma. I know they'll do GREAT and I know that both sets of 'kids' will LOVE it!

For our Independence Day celebrations we're having a little cookout and opened the pool and invited family and a couple of friends to come by and hang out. We have no idea who is coming but look forward to just a lazy day and hanging out :)

Of course, remembering and thanking all those who have served to give us the freedom that we enjoy today, and those who continue to serve and preserve that freedom!!

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  1. sounds like patrick is doing well with your bunch!! yeah.. give him a squeeze from me and maymay.. we miss him!!