Monday, July 05, 2010

The silver beasties


I got the conversion piece!  Which means… that on Wednesday I should have our silver beasties delivered, and on Wednesday or Thursday it should all be hooked up and USABLE! :) 

And no, I didn’t spend the extra $500 on the drawers for underneath!  YIKES!  I think I’ll deal with the bending and be glad that I don’t have to run it nearly as often as my current ones. 

Today I brought Kristopher out on a ‘date’ at lunch time and Mike fed the other kids and put them down for naps.  It’s definitely a blessing having a husband that not only “believes in what I’m doing” but fully agrees that it is what *WE* are doing, and takes an active role in ALL of our kids’ lives! 

In fact, now that I’m back home, Mike needs to run to Lowe’s so he’s taking Kristopher and Patrick with him.  They’re buying exciting man-stuff like a door knob for the office/closet room, network cable to run to our entertainment center and master bedroom, a new ‘thing’ for our front door to be able to latch the bottom of the second door (I have no idea!), and a replacement hose for my dad’s pressure washer that Mike managed to bust :) .  And I’d say it’s a ‘girls day’ for me for a while, but I’m pretty sure that Micah and James would be offended by that :)

I’m excited about my new washer and dryer, though, and even more excited that it might mean that laundry eay gets easier- or at least faster- at our house! :)

Last night when my parents came over for the 4th I begged my mom and dad to take a large basket with ALL of the kids’ and the guest room sheets in it back to their house to wash in THEIR large capacity washer rather than having to run it in 4-5 half-loads here.  I provided soap, they did the labor!  So we’re not overrun with laundry even though the machine isn’t working right.

The clothes that a certain little boy had a poop accident in overnight have had to go through twice already now, though, and they still hold a certain odor to them.  We may wait 2 days and wash them in the new washer then bury them if the smell is still there.  So, Lyndi, if you find you’re short a pair of pajama pants and a pair of underwear when Patrick comes home, you’ll know that we have added them to the graveyard outside ;).  I’m pretty sure we’ll have no problem coming up with something else for him to wear in the mean time :).

I other news, Patrick is doing well aside from that Oops (which really he didn’t seem to mind, but you could tell it was an unusual thing for him) and he’s LOVING the computer and the swing.  He also likes that Kristopher thinks so highly of him and they both entertain each other quite well!  He’s getting a little gentler with Brianna… or maybe we’re just watching those two a little closer ;).  He and Micah and James just bounce right back as they all three steal toys from each other, push each other out of the way to get in the swing, and manage to be boys :).  Actually, they’re interacting pretty well and they’ve found an ok ‘groove’ with each of them letting out their respective ‘yell’ every once in a while for assistance but mostly just getting along ok.

Emma and Patrick haven’t really interacted much- by Emma’s choice.  Lynae is around and under his feet and he pats her on the head and keeps on keeping on. :)  Lynae doesn’t have to wait for P to make trouble, though, because she’s looking at me when I say ‘no’ and continuing to put the stray Cheerio or piece of fuzz or whatever into her mouth, or, she’s looking at me then LAUGHING as she crawls away faster.  Yep, she’s figured out how to make trouble all her own without any help!

Off to do dishes, if only they made extra-large-capacity dishwashers with a 15 minute cycle like they have at restaurants for installation in a home kitchen… (and yes, they probably make something but I like Andre’ (our dishwasher) just fine!).


  1. Ooooh...I like your new set! It's amazing what excites us as mothers! lol! Oh, and I think you're on to something with large capacity/super speed dishwashers for the home!!

  2. You will Love them!I have a set and i also opted to not buy the drawers..I also did not like them stacked so they are side by side now.I do less laundry now that i can do huge loads.I also love them because we cloth diaper for our son and they are so much cleaner and sanitary.

  3. Love the washer and dryer!! Also, try putting the pants into a ziploc with some baking soda until you can wash them. It might help get rid of the odor. Just a thought!!

  4. I bought drawers for ours on Craigslist. I got two drawers for less than one would have cost new!

  5. Ive come across your blog before as I would like to adopt a child with DS..thanks to God giving me one 7yrs ago, Sydney. But wanted to tell you a small world it is. July 26th I was at Turkey Run park in Indiana and came across a family with a beautiful lil girl who happened to have DS we got to talking and I spoke about Reeces Rainbow and she told me about you and your journey. I had told her Id read your blog before..Amazing!!!
    Denise (Indiana)

  6. You got British washer and tumble dryer! (Though ours more often than not are combined in one machine). Though I'm guessing yours hold more. We also have the larger capacity ones here... just not RIGHT here... ours isn't the largest one...