Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little things

After a lovely day of poo scooping to get a stool sample for Micah, we went out to eat with both sets of grandparents.  We did a little celebrating then headed home to pack and get the little ones in bed.

Today we got up later than usual and got everything else packed for our trip.  We didn't even leave the house until after lunch but it was good not to be rushed.  I've never done a 5 day trip with 6 kids before, not have I ever packed so last minute for it.  But we had so many little things come up this week that it was very go, go, go and I had time to do little else in the way of preparing for the trip other than doing laundry and maing a mental list.

We are here, though, and even that was not without issue...

Apparently I booked a smoking room without realizing it.

No other double bed rooms are available that are non-smoking and there's no way I was staying in a smoking room, especially with 3 kids with respiratory issues!  So we are all nice and comfy in a king room instead. 

Since we brought 2 playpens anyway and Lynae is sleeping with us, it worked out.  N and K have the open up couch, E and M have playpens, L has her carseat and is with us, and I brought extra blankets knowing B might be better off on a pallet on the floor than falling off a bed.

And so starts the adcentures of the Cornish family vacation!

The boys (except M) went in the pool tonight and enjoyed it after the little ones were winding down for the night so all is well in the world :)  Tomorrow we' re off to Busch Gardens if the weather holds up and my parents will be joining us for a night to watch the kids for us on Monday morning!

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