Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Funny kids!

Today Brianna told me "bless you" when I coughed (she usually says you ok??)

Kristopher has had an infatuation with snakes this week after seeing a black snake in the yard last weekend. He's told me twice that he saw a snake only to reveal the tarp under the planters or-- nothing at all- to be the culprit. Today my mom picked the kids up from school since Mike and I had a meeting and he was looking for an elusive 4 leaf clover in the front garden (yes, I need to weed!). He came in and said "there's a snake out there" then went about his business. I mentioned to my mom that he's been fabricating snakes lately and it's a thrill and kept going. A minute or two later he went to the dining room window and said "there it is mom!" Sure enough, there's a 3' long black racer winding its way through the garden then taking a look at us. He provided entertainment for Brianna and Kristopher for a good 30 minutes from that window view and Kristopher was very glad to have 'his snake' back to visit for a little while.

Emma has decided now that we know she can sign, that she's going to impress us :) Yesterday at PT she kept telling me no. Nonchalantly... Mrs. J and I would say "take a step, c'mon! You can do it Emma!" and she'd not even pick up her hand and would just quietly sign 'no' next to her leg and stand there. Such a sweet little thing, but goodness 'no' wasn't the first word I was hoping for :). At the table tonight she was a monkey. Over and over again she'd tell us Emma monkey. I say the kids are being monkeys when we're playing rough and tumble and they're climbing around on us. I guess she took my comments to heart!

Micah has decided that he has the sweetest smile around (and anyone around would be hard-pressed to argue with him!) and will smile at people when he thinks he might get his way now. He's doing great waiting at the baby gate for permission to go in the kitchen (he's not allowed in the kitchen because we don't want him to 'escape' from the house and he's in love with the front door!). He'll stand by the gate when it's open and if anyone walks by he'll just smile at them then walk right in "under their watch". I don't think anyone realizes what he's doing until all of a sudden they say "Hey, he's in the kitchen again!" 'Lil stinker's got a killer smile!


  1. I love it when my kids do funny things like that! Emma maybe is showing you her will! ;-) I love to hear about your babies. They are all so sweet!

  2. Awe, the kids sound adorable! However, if a snake that big came in my yard I'd pee myself. My biggest fear, but hey I'm glad ya'll got some entertainment out of it.

  3. I must agree that Micah has one of the best smiles in the whole world. How could you not give that little boy his every heart's desire????
    Next up, you should teach Emma to say "shhh" and put her finger to her lips. I taught Xander that this week and we "practice" by telling daddy to "shhh". He too can sign "no" and he does it several times in a row while vocalizing "n,n,n"(the sound). It's quite funny....as long as it's directed at daddy ;)

  4. Your kids are so precious! I would live to follow your new blog too...but did not know if you were sharing the password yet.