Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm not closing this blog... Sorry if that wasn't said well! I will share what I can here and continue to share about our 5 children and some basics about the adoption here!

The blog is only going to be for people that I know in real life for now and I will only share things that I'm allowed to share there. I am keeping it 'real life' people only for security purposes since our son-to-be is in foster care and it is required.

But for those that said you'll miss my blog... I'm not really going anywhere :) Just adding on a little something for those I know personally! Thank you for all the kind comments and e-mails, though! I hope you'll stick around on this blog :)

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  1. Hey Meredith, should I stop following the other blog because all the posts will be password protected? Currently it's in my google reader but if all the posts will be password protected then I can remove it. I know you'll share what you can with those you don't know personally. Look forward to seeing the cutie pie when that day comes! Or maybe I'll just come have to meet you in real life so that I can access the other blog. :-P