Monday, March 08, 2010

Micah’s doing good!

I haven’t used ‘albums’ before in posting, so would love some feedback on whether this is a good format or not!  Here’s a try :)

Here are some pic’s from the day before surgery, pre-op, and after at the hospital


Kristopher had his first soccer game this weekend!  He’s #5 on the maroon team :)


Saturday we went to another Special Olympics Young Athletes meeting and all had fun!


Today after school we played in the side yard.  We even found some tiny baby bunnies!  And their nest… I hope they are ok!  They scared me pretty good rustling around in the leaves pile before I knew they were cute little bunnies instead of snakes!  One of the down sides of living in the woods—though I like the bunnies :)


And I got some close-ups of the kids this afternoon too :)  Some of the kids were cooperative… some not so much :)


Emma carved out a trail behind her scooting around, Lynae escaped from sitting in the carseat and decided to play in the dirt (without ever fussing so I didn’t realize she’d escaped!), and Micah decided to go back on lick-streak… first the bin, then my jeans while he gave me a hug…



Now… tell me what you think of the albums??


  1. Great pics... I use Live Writer too (thanks to you!) but I've never tried the albums either. I can see how it helps when you have ALOT of pics to share.

  2. I love the albums but hate it doesnt open in a new tab and then to go back I have to close it and go back to blogger and get your blog

  3. right click on the "view full album" link and select open in new tab ... not ideal, but at least it's a workaround ...

  4. Had not appreciated before just how much Micah has changed - he is such a beautiful, spirited, cheeky little boy and I love his cookie monster top!

  5. I like the albums! I am going to have to figure that one out! Haha, Micah is just TOO cute!! Of course, ALL of your kids are beautiful!! :)