Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!



Oops, I didn't get here to post... but we had a great WDSD! We went to church in the morning then to a picnic with lots of other families that all share that extra little 21st chromosome. The kids were all great despite the rainy nasty weather! Last night we hung out at the house, did laundry, had a quick easy spaghetti dinner and just spent time together. It was a nice day :)

This morning I've been on the RUN! After getting all 6 kids into the car and off to the elementary school, Emma and Kristopher went in to class. Then I unloaded the other 3 little ones and N and we signed in to go watch the Field Day games that Emma's class was a part of! We only could stay about 30 minutes before needing to get N to his school, but we saw Emma do the "softball throw" which was actually a tennis ball. She threw it the right direction, and that's half the battle ;)

Then off to middle school for N. Then down to the lab to get Brianna and Micah's annual bloodwork done. Emma's is still needing to be done too! The phlebotomist there is really good and as people were complaining for the wait beforehand, they then went out singing her praises that she was so good. Kinda makes you wish people would hold their tongues in the first place... But I guess the priase is more meaningful when the person was previously disgruntled? Dunno...

Then home, and we missed the mail truck! I'm waiting on a certified packet of paperwork and missed it on Friday. No letter in the door or with my mail today so maybe the regular postal worker didn't have it? I don't know... but I'd like to get them today so I can read through them before the meeting where we're going over them tomorrow! Ah, well... we will get them eventually.

I also FINALLY got my FBI checks back. It took a good 7 weeks for them to process them. WHEW! But now I have them and that is good ;)

Today's going to be good and busy... Mike's mom will be here to watch the kids for a little bit so I can pick up the elementary kids and bring Emma to therapy for an hour. Her first time back since before Christmas! Then Mike will bring N home and pick up K for soccer practice. He has to eat before then which usually makes M and B want to eat too. Soccer runs 5:30-6:30. At 6:30 my brother is coming over to give N a guitar lesson. We'll see how it goes :) The kids all go down at 7:00 and Robert and N will be on their own to practice! Busy but good.. everyone always enjoys Mondays! :)

And we enjoy Tuesdays too where I won't let ANYONE schedule ANYTHING after school!!


  1. M - with certified mail, generally they try to deliver once, and then the hold it at the post office for 15 days ... you may need to run to the post office to pick it up?

  2. Saw Emma do the softball throw!! She did do GREAT! I was cheering for her! Wish I could have seen you! All you babies are adorable! Saw Michael last week, he looks so happy! Blessings continued to be sent your way! T.G.