Monday, January 14, 2008

God news

Yes, me AGAIN! I was sharing a story with my mom and thought- ya know, I should share it here too :)

I wanted to set up both sets of grandparents with carseats for the kids so that the days they have the kids they will be able to go out to the library, park, wherever and not have to constantly be trading cars or moving carseats around. Both grandparents already have seats for Kristopher that they've bought during the last 2 or 3 years, but they don't have them for Brianna yet since she hasn't hit the age of "grandparent dates" quite yet. Since I watched the baby I still had another carseat that will fit Brianna so that took care of one grandparent. But what about the other?

Last week we sat down to have lunch at the church cafe and received a gift from the kitchen manager because we had loaned her our carseat that was in Mike's car for Kristopher. She just needed it over Christmas break for her grandbaby and it was no problem for us to be without it for a few weeks. When I went back to thank her for the gift I asked on a whim if she had another name to call if we didn't have one since we now needed to borrow a seat as well. She didn't, but another friend in the kitchen said "I DO!". Aparantly the night before (? not sure I have that quite right) a friend of hers had asked if she knew anyone that needed a carseat. Her son had outgrown his and they were looking to just give it away. I questioned her for a minute because we needed a full-size backward facing seat (not an infant carrier, she's too long for those but she's not strong enough or heavy enough to face forward yet) and those are a little harder to come by, not to mention more expensive to buy.

It was! I picked it up from Cindy today and it is EXACTLY what we needed! God came through for us in the littlest details and has provided for us again :) Isn't He good?

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  1. We've been patiently awaiting to see if there is a Secret #2 (or 3 and 4 etc for that matter)!