Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's 2008! I can't believe it's January already, and the SECOND at that! Only 16 days to go until we will be breathing freezint air!

For the sake of the new year, here is a review of the Cornish Household in 2007...

2007 has been a busy one toward the end, but a pretty slow beginning :) January was Brianna's first birthday and Meredith's 25th. In February Kristopher turned 3 and brought into our house all that comes with that :) In April we put out house on the market and in May we listed it with a realtor. Then in the end of May we went aead and moved anyway into my childhood home :) My parents bought another house and we are now buying this house from them. No luck still on the sale of the other yet... KNOW ANYONE??? I spent June with the kids at church doing our annual summer camp called Summer CHAOS (it is very true to its name!). Mike celebrated his 26th in June as well. We also did lots of swimming and therapy in the pool this summer and Brianna really benefitted from it!

In August is when life got a little more crazy. Mike went back to school at PBAU for his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership (at their Orlando campus). I started watching a friend's baby (then 4 months) during the day. The kids started Kids' Adventure Days (like Mom's morning out) at the church two days a week. Oh, and we decided to have a bigger family :)

In September we got our initial paperwork going along with our homestudy visit. In October we found out Aleksa had been moved to an institution and attempted to speed things along. November came and we finished our dossier, Mike drove it up for the apostille in Tallahassee, and it went overseas. Then it was translated and submitted, accepted and even approved!
December brought us pretty much NO news the majority of the month but it all was worth it in the end when we received our SDA appointment!

Here's hoping that all of the surprises of 2008 will be as filled with blessings as those in 2007 have been!

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