Friday, January 25, 2008

I would like to clarify

There have been questions and I'd like to put out a few fires and ease a few fears before I go to bed (it's 11pm here).

1. We knew this could happen. We knew that we were coming to a NEW LOCATION where no other adoptions have taken place. Plus, in Ukraine, you are not "matched" with a child as you wait, so it could have been that Sasha was already adopted or there could have been another issue. We took that risk to come with the "unknown". And we are still glad we did. Please take a look back at our EARLY posts about the adoption (In sept 06) and you will see more about the uncertainty of this even then.

2. This is by no means the fault of ANYONE. It is not our facilitator's fault, Andrea or Reece's Rainbow's fault, or the fault of the SDA. This is purely a situation where a man with power does not wish for this to happen.

3. This does not happen often (I would say ever, but it did happen to us...). Ukrainian adoptions are usually more sure than even this. There have usually been other adoptions from an orphanage, the child's status is usually known before going, and there is very seldom someone that holds the kind of power that this director has with the city officials to be able to stop the process on so many different levels.

4. We will not be coming home now. We will spend the weekend in prayer and we will decide what to do. We don't have the answers right now nor can we share all of the details. But in time everything will be shown to His glory.


  1. My heart goes out to the two of you. I will be praying with you through out the weekend, that God will lead you with clarity on your next step. Like I said in an earlier comment, there is another child calling you. I want to tell you this, "Turn to the east, for the child of God is waiting. He waits in a calm, with eyes of ocean blue. With one single tear, he waits."

  2. prayers for guidance and clarity for you coming from us as well....prayers that you will 'see' your way- stay safe and know we're thinking of you all, wishing you a peaceful night's sleep...Cathy

  3. Meredith, I love your lists. ;o) SO helpful as always. We love you guys, it'll all be fine, we'll see. Hope you're eating!!!
    Dolores (once a mom, always a mom)

  4. Meredith,
    I am definitely praying for you. It is reassuring to see how God is holding you during this tough time. Thank you for your clear witness for Jesus in honor of Aleksa.

  5. we are all here for you,
    when one door closes another opens,try to dtay in as good sprits as u can at this time

    eat drink sleep just stay helathy for your 2 children at home and whatever comes to you there!

  6. Meredith and Mike,
    I was so sorry to hear about the adoption. My heart breaks for you both, and for Aleksa- she couldn't have asked for a more loving family. I know your faith will keep you strong. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Melini (Parrish Rehab)

  7. God has put this simple song in my heart for you.. God will make a way when there seems to be no way.. My prayer is that you can rest in that praise song.
    I know the Lord will lead you on the right path!
    Praying along with the many who care!
    Love In Him,
    Val, Phil, Josh and Trisha

  8. I was quite saddened to read that you will not be bringing Sasha home, but I was very happy to see that she is doing well. You are in my thoughts.

  9. Meredith, just wanted to say my heart is breaking for you since you can't bring Sasha home. Prayers that something else works out.

  10. Praying for you and with you this weekend. Rest secure in the knowledge of His love.

  11. Meredith - I'm praying comfort for you as you grieve.

    Karen S., RR

  12. Meredith and Mike,

    We had a failed adoption at this time last year. It is a very traumatic experience for the whole family. I am praying for you as your grieve this loss, but mostly I am praying that this director will be moved by God and change his mind.

    Your faith is evident and I have no doubt God will use you and this situation and this precious child for His glory!

    In him,

  13. Thinking of, and praying for, all of you this weekend.

  14. Mike & Merideth,
    We love you, now grieve,just as our Lord did. We are sorry for your lose. God sent you over there for a reason, Gary and I both belive you were sent ther to bring home the child(ren) you were ment to parent.Press on!! If this is not the right time he will let you no.Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love,

    Gary & Val

  15. Dear Meredith and Mike, I have been praying for you always. Feel at peace that you gave it your all. Do not give up and remember that there are so many other children out there in need of a wonderful family like yours, maybe for some reason Aleska was not meant to be. I am sure that your child or children are still waiting for you there. Do not loose hope and as you said everything happens for a reason. Love Nancy. I'll be there 2-5.

  16. Meredith, know that I continue to think and pray for you and yours. That you feel at peace in your travels there..

    I have faith that this journey will lead you to the children right for your family.


  17. It breaks my heart for Sasha, but we cannot undo what others control.

    Prayers that another child will be shown to you and that perhaps another door opens.

  18. I know that you desire to bring glory to God through all of this. You are shining your light in a very dark place. The pain you feel is real but the God you serve is the God of all comfort and peace. If God reveals that He still wishes this child to come home with you then fight with all the fight He gives. I sent on some 'tips' through someone else. Things that helped in the adoption of our son when someone told us nyet and God said DA!
    We will pray...
    Heidi Hartman

  19. Meredith,
    Our hearts have been heavy for you and Mike. As so many encouraged me when I was feeling like giving up, I'd like to encourage you to fight the fight and don't give up. I'm sure it's tempting to throw in the towel and go home to see your kids. Satan would do everything to keep you from completing your mission. I'll be keeping you in my prayers, and anxiously awaiting a positive update.

  20. My prayers are with all of you. May God bring you comfort.