Sunday, January 06, 2008


Last night, sitting in church, a man from Samaratin's Purse delivered a message. It was a message for the new year- for renewing your relationship and commitment to Christ and for not just "feeling good for caring" about the world around us and the people that are living life in both deplorable circumstances and without the knowledge and understanding of Christ... BUT doing something about it.

His son and daughter are both serving as missionaries in Sudan. His daughter is a doctor near the border to northern Sudan right in the midst of war. She treats gunshot and machete wounds alongside burn victims and those who've been injured from landmines and grenades. Wow. His son is serving in a much different capacity, but still in the midst of the warzone. He is searching out the churches that have been destroyed by the Muslim forces and the pastors that have been crucified on the doors to their church- with their flocks inside- then burnt to the ground, people and all. He has discovered and aided in rebuilding over 500 churches and won't be coming home until 1000 are complete. Wow.

All the while I sat there, touched by his stories and the love he has that is so apparant for his children. But as he gave his final statements I didn't feel a conviction of the Spirit. I didn't feel that desire to go and to do and to give that he was asking the congregation to see. And I didn't understand why, for just a moment.

Then it hit me. And I was surprised. I am. Going, doing, giving. I've never been in this place before, but the contentment I felt after such a powerful message was wonderful. The Will of the Father, surrounded in Peace, is definitely a place that I desier to stay.

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