Wednesday, January 23, 2008

01-23-2008 7:00pm Korosten

What a day it's been!  We drove to Korosten, got a hotel, met the "inspector" (like a social worker), spent a while in his office with 3 ladies that work with him.  He rode with us to Pugachevka (Aleksa's home), we met with the assistant director.  She was very nice and open.  Director came in, and not so much.  The inspector, Natalie, and the assistant director argued with him back and forth for over an hour.  Finally they told us it was about the fact that in Russia bad things were done with children adopted from there and he didn't want to allow an adoption.  But he would let us meet her and see.  We met Aleksa!  She is tiny, sweet, loving, smiley, loved the orange she was sucking on, came and sat on the floor with me, stood up to go sit with Mike, gave me a hug goodbye and I carried her back to her room.  Then she sat and cried…  And so did I.  After another chat in the director's office he has not yet decided it is a good idea for her to be adopted.  He says she is quite well cared for there (which she is, thank you Jesus!), and that being adopted would make her face discrimination that she doesn't see here.  We left after he said to us that "I will pray to God and hope to find a peace in my soul about this adoption."  That's all I can ask for.  Please pray!!
Mom to Kristopher (3 1/2)
Brianna (22 mos, Ds)
Adopting Aleksa (5, Ds)

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  1. you know Im you guys.

  2. I am crying for you guys and praying very hard. She is so beautiful and thank God she is being cared for.
    Martha S.

  3. prayers from us still coming....she is a beautiful girl and I hope God can open this director's heart a little to see how wonderful a family she would have with you and yours...Cathy

  4. Oh she is just precious!! I am sure he will see how much she will be loved and will be happy for her. Thank goodness she is in such a decent home with a caring director. I can't wait to hear more!

  5. I will be praying so hard for you tonight...she is beautiful!

    RR Yahoo Group

  6. Praying!...and crying tears of joy that she looks so healthy! God CAN change the heart of that director and we'll be praying He moves that mountain for you tonight!!!!

  7. I'm so glad she's alive and well and that the director there believes in God and prayer and seems to have the children's best interests at heart. Heavenly Father is still a God of miracles!

  8. Michael and Meredith, we are praying that this man's heart will change. That he will see that not only are you wonderful parents but that God has brought you there to be HER parents. We faithfully believe that with all the miracles in getting you there quickly He will not let you go now. Please take comfort in that. We are praying for your hearts as well as you have this night of anguish, potentially. Have faith and trust and know that God kept her safe just so she could go home...your home.

  9. Awe, she looks and sounds so sweet. Praying hard here for the director to see the good in your intentions.


  10. Lord, only you know what is in this Director's heart. Only YOU know what needs to be changed. We lift Aleksa up to you Lord. We thank you that she has been well cared for all these months. We thank you for placing her in a safe place, with people who care. We thank you that this Director is concerned enough with her well being to be cautious about the placement. We thank you for allowing this meeting to happen. We thank you in so many ways. We pray that the director's heart is softened. We pray that he could feel the genuine love and caring the Cornish's displayed to her. We pray that his HEART saw the smiles, that his HEART felt the love, that he listens to what his heart is TRULY saying about this adoption.
    And Satan, the blood of Jesus is washed over this entire family, little Aleksa included. You have no business here, or in the life of this little girl. God always wins, and he'll win with the Director as well.

  11. Praying here in Florida! She is beautiful!

    RR Yahoo Group Lurker

  12. Praying for you. She is just beautiful, and I pray God will soften this man's heart.

  13. Oh she's is GORGEOUS! Really really really really thinking and hoping for you guys! I am so glad she's alive and well, and hopefully will be with you forever very very soon!


  14. OMG I can't stand this. Aleksa looks WONDERFUL!! I pray to God that the director will understand that she will be going to such a great place and that she will be loved a million times over. Waiting anxiously for more news...

  15. Oh Man I was so happy to see her picture! Many prayers that you can adopt her! It just would not be fair if you can't! She is beautiful!

  16. Aleska is such a pretty little girl, what a sweet face.

    Oh gosh, I hate reading that he is resistant.

    We are praying in Tucson that God talks to him tonight and he changes his mind. Our love to your family

    Kris and Tom
    AZ Kara's parents

  17. Theresa Mitchell shared your blog with me and please know that prayers are going forth for you and your precious little girl. We have an adopted daughter from China so I pray for you with a kindred spirit. I pray that God will prepare the way for you to bring her home. May you find favor in the eyes of the officials and may they be given a glimpse of how wonderful her life will be with you and the blessings that await her. Gods ways are always so much higher and greater than ours. Cling to that hope and trust in a God who can accomplish more than we can ever hope or imagine. I will rejoice with you when she is secure in your home. Blessings!

  18. Hi Mike & Meridith,
    I can't get over how good she looks, considering what she has been through. I know the Lord will work in your behalve. I strongly believe you have found your perfect match. I can't wait to see her in person. As you know I have Spina Bifida and I have always had a heart for special needs people like your Brianne and now Alexka. Take care and know you are in my prayers.
    Sherry Kinsey