Monday, September 28, 2009


That's what Brianna said as she spilled a little yogurt on the kitchen table at lunch time.

"No problem." I replied and handed her a napkin. Turning back to Micah and feeding him...

clack clack, "oops!" I hear and see Brianna's spoon travel across the kitchen floor.

CLUNK, SPLAT "oops!" and there goes the bowl of yogurt.

Somehow the 'oops' escalated throughout the meal. Who'd have known that wiping her own mess up would make so much of a bigger mess for me? (she knocked the other things off while 'cleaning').

Oh, and someone remind me next time I set her own for a morning snack and I don't supervise... I really should move the salt and pepper shakers out of reach first...

But, motivation... the kitchen table has been thoroughly wiped, the floor swept, and a nice area around Brianna's chair has even been cleaned with a wet rag. :)

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  1. Eden is really into helping and doing things herself now too. We wear lots of outfits each day and they don't actually need to fit if she finds an old one... but she's brilliant lol!

    Oh, btw, you are not allowed to post again without photos of that new baby! How else are all of the broody Mum's supposed to get our baby fix? ;)