Friday, September 18, 2009

So sweet

First off, Lynae is pronounced Lin-A' . Lin rhymes with tin and a long A sound with the accent on the A.

You all are so sweet. I've had a few comments over the last few days asking how I'm doing. I am recovering well :) I'm still on pain meds, of course, since it's been only 8 days since surgery. But I am thankful that I have not used the 'heavy' pain meds since coming home except the one day that I was going to have my staples out and knew I'd have to be walking, riding in the car, climbing on the exam table, and... having the staples taken out :) But thankfully otherwise I've been able to use a minimal amount of pain control to keep it manageable. Granted... I haven't been 'pushing it' either. I would much rather be tender and useless than on pain meds that may be transferring to the baby through breast milk and... useless anyway :)

I cannot drive for another week and can't lift for at least another 3-5 weeks. Those make it hard since we have school runs and 3 preschoolers and 2 kids that need a lot of carrying/lifting. I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband and our parents that have picked up where I cannot (literally!). We also have a great church family and friends that have provided us with meals this week with a generous amount of leftovers for lunches and dinners on days we didn't have anything coming. Another blessing.

I've found little things I CAN do and will stick to those the next few weeks until I get the all-clear to go back to normal activities. I know that if I do push it and end up hurt I will be COMPLETELY useless from a hospital bed where I'd be required to recover.

Thank you all for the sweet remarks about our baby girl. I have to say, she's one of the two most beautiful newborn baby girls I've ever seen (and Brianna would be the other) and one of the 3 sweetest little girls I know (with Brianna and Emma :) ). And no, I'm not partial! :D :D

So, all that good stuff... and a little "real life" about the kids and their transitions too...

Emma is having the hardest time. She's very obviously jealous and as I mentioned before she has hit/grabbed at Lynae a lot. That has lessened tho she's still interested in this little stranger. She will do it if we're not careful, but she's listening to reprimands and is stopping before she tries to 'strike'. She's had lots of extra rough time with Daddy and extra cuddle time with mommy (sitting next to me while I protect myself with a strategically placed pillow) and has enjoyed those as well!

Kristopher absolutely LOVES his baby sister and wants to know where she is and wants to be near her, hold her, love on her, show her his toys, and is very interested in why her "tinkler" is red (her umbilical cord LOL), why she is biting mommy's tummy (nursing), and how the hospital visit was "thousands of years ago" "you mean last week?" "oh... yes...". We are seeing very helpful pleasing behavior one minute and very defiant behavior the next. We've also had some issues at school this week that are likely related. The "big issue" that came up right before the baby's birth has thankfully been resolved though! He's been getting lots of extra praise but no slacking on the consequences for his negative actions as well... if he gets an inch he takes a mile and we can't afford to let his behavior get ahead of us.

Brianna is doing the absolute BEST with the adjustment. She's had more issues with the flow of people through the house than she has with Lynae's arrival. Brianna LOVES her baby sister, sits with her, hugs on her, wants to be with her constantly and is so happy about her. She doesn't mind sharing her Mommy which we were concerned about. She's having the hardest time when we have other people in the house. Yesterday she wanted Daddy so badly and he finally got an evening to go run after work and have some time to himself. Bria sat by the front door and cried until I talked her into going to the rocking chair to sit with me a while then we turned on 101 Dalmatians. She wanted me to carry her... but decided walking was ok. Daddy spent the afternoon with us today :)

Micah is oblivious :) Seriously, at the hospital he looked at her then went to play... at the house he's not paid her ANY mind whatsoever. He doesn't mind that I'm not able to hold him. He doesn't mind the other people through the house. He's just pretty much taking it in stride and keeping going. Not to say he's had a perfect week, but it hasn't been anything out of the norm. He does, however, have some MAJOR feeding issues going on that have been happening for about 6 weeks. It has escalated in the last 3 weeks or so and is to the point where we are feeding him separate than our family meal times because it's too stressful for us ALL to have him eat with us.

And not to leave out Lynae... she is doing good, growing well, crying, eating, pooping, sleeping and repeat :) She's not doing too bad at night- granted we've only been home a few nights and some have been good some bad. I don't mind the newborn nights, though... I know they don't last forever and love every minute I spend with her even if it is from 2-5am :)

So, there you have it... life at the Cornish household :) Never boring- never the same- always something around the corner and no two days are ever the same :)


  1. I really like the name!

  2. I've left comments in the past but it's been awhile. But I never miss a post.

    Congratulations on your precious addition to your beautiful family!Lynae and our new baby Ruth Ella were born on the same day. I hope you recover fast and well.

  3. What a beautiful name for an equally beautiful little girl! I hope the other children continue with smooth adjustments!

  4. I'm glad you explained how to pronounce her name, its truly beautiful!!! I'm glad your recovering nicely.

  5. Mer-
    I am so proud of you!! Please FB me or slip a note in K's backpack if you need me for ANYTHING!!!! Tons of hugs your way! Terri :)

  6. Ah! I was a bit confused about the name, but then it's like Linnea but without the final a ! Cute!