Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here comes baby…

39 Weeks, the night before Lynae was born…


The kids meeting their new baby sister…



_MG_8925 _MG_8827





Friends and family at the hospital…

Mike’s aunt Terri


Mike’s mom


Mike’s dad


Our friend Jamie


Our friend Dan


The kids’ PT


Mike’s grandmother (Great-gram)


Meredith’s aunt Birgitt


Meredith’s brother Robert


Our friend Danny


Our friend Kathleen


Our friends Brooke and Jared with their 2 month old


Our friend Amber (with her baby due in a month)


Our friend Richie


Our friend Chris


Meredith’s mom


Meredith’s dad



  1. Wow... she is absolutely beautiful. When I started reading your blog, you had Christopher and Brianna, and were on your way to the Ukaraine sometime in the near future for child number three. I was struck then by the joy in your children's eyes.

    Today, I look at the SEVEN of you... and give glory to my God. His joy is evident in the faces of your children. You are blessed - and you are a blessing. Thank you for sharing what He has done for and in and through you.

  2. I love how excited the kids look to meet their little sister! Congrats!!

  3. Precious pictures. It is evident the love that all your family and friends have for you all! The kids are so cute with their baby sister...awwwww.

    Glad you are both doing well and the 7 of you are, by now, together again. Blessings.

  4. Tell me how you got ANY rest with all of those visitors!


  5. So precious! I wouldn't have recognized your dad without his mustache!

  6. I love the looks on E's face..its like.. what is that!

    A gorgeous baby girl! Congratulations