Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All alone

Today Lynae and I are home ALL ALONE. Mike took the 4 kids to school and will be bringing them home at 2:30. I sat down on the recliner portion of my couch at 8:30 when my mom and sister were here with me for a bit (they came over to help Mike get the kids out this morning, thanks!!) and I brought my breakfast with me. I even had some diapers set here and I now have nursed Lynae, eaten breakfast, caught up on emails and a few (haha, I'm WAY behind and don't intend to catch up) blogs, then decided I was tired and we took a nice hour long nap. Pain meds will do that to ya. Then we woke up, changed a poopy diaper, nursed again, changed another poopy diaper and sweet Lynae is snoozing on my lap once again. So, this is what it was like to have ONE child. I love the time with Lynae but I also will be glad to have my 4 talkative rambunctious children home this afternoon!

I think this 'season' is a great mixture of time with Lynae and time with everyone without having either 'lose out' at the expense of another. Granted, this is day ONE of this routine. Also, Mondays and Fridays will be special time with the 3 youngest since there's no preschool on those days.

I keep thinking I could do the dishes or move the laundry or accomplish SOMETHING rather than just SITTING here doing NOTHING... then I go to adjust and realize I just had major surgery and those things really aren't a good idea for a little while still. A walk around the house and getting up and getting some lunch are in order tho. It's not good to just SIT either.

Yesterday Lynae's first ped appointment was great. She looks good, healthy, all is well! And, guess what? She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz! Yes, that is MORE than her birthweight. She was 5 lbs 14oz coming home, so she gained 10 oz from Saturday to Monday. Somehow... I think the scales show a bit of a difference... Regardless, this was my 'ok' that she can now get the pacifier! She has been nursing a lot, and often for just a minute or two so I know she didn't really NEED to eat. But until I knew she is healthily gaining and my milk was in and doing well I didn't want to stop any attempts of hers to nurse. Yesterday she was introduced to what we call her 'nuk' (tho no, it's not that brand LOL). She loves it, I love it, and together the three of us (Mike included) are thanking God for the person that created them :) Lynae's not an especially fussy baby, but she now has a way to get calmed without nursing at every fuss. A good thing.

Because of this, she waited a little bit between feedings and she nursed nice and long at 10pm. She didn't wake again until 2! Then she slept until 5 or so and again until my mom woke her up at 8:00 or so... she was sleeping through their visit ;) I feel good to have gotten a fuller night's sleep than the last 2 where she was up every hour and a half-2 hours all night. I don't mind it, but this is definitely better :)

In my blog reading this morning I saw Christine Reed's post saying she has adoption window decals left over from their fundraiser to adopt little Alex. Christine adopted Dennis from the orphanage where my kids were last year and this year went back for little Alex. Both are boys I had the joy of meeting and advocating for and Dennis was Emma's room mate. I have a special place for both of those little guys and I'm so glad that they're home! Anyway... she's giving away the last of her adoption decals and to enter all you need to do is link back to her blog. Since I know many of my readers are also adoptive parents, I thought I'd send you back to her give-away so you can enter as well :)

Back to enjoying the munchkin. Oh, and lunch.


  1. I know Missy saw Olga in that same orphanage. Did you see her when you were there? was she too in Emma's room maybe? She is so sweet and I just loved Missy's new photos of her!

    And by the way, I think you do the right thing resting now. You need it; you need to take good care of yourself to be a good mother to all those darlings of yours!