Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Those phone calls

Thursday was the first day that I left Micah at school all day on his own. And not long into the morning I got a call from the school saying he'd gotten into ants.

Today is the second day that I left Micah at school all day (they all had dr's appts yesterday and got to school at 11:15) and when I went to see what phone call I'd missed... my heart dropped as I read "Public Schools" on the caller ID. Ugh.

Is it bad that I immediately assume that someone is 1-hurt or 2-sick and needs immediate attention when I see this on the caller ID? This time it was neither!

They just had the health department there and Emma's immunizations need updating. Surprise! We had that done yesterday :) But she can't come back to school until the records are updated... And... I'll be picking up the shot records tomorrow along with an updated physical form for Micah when I go in the morning WITH the 2 kids in tow to have their TB tests read. How's that for timing?

So tomorrow... yet again... Micah and Emma will be getting checked-in late to school for ANOTHER doctor's visit. Too bad our dr's office doesn't open until 9! School starts at 8 and being 25 minutes apart from each other, it's a guaranteed 2 hours they miss of school any time they need to see the doctor. IF the dr is on schedule. Yesterday our 9 and 9:30 appointments for the 4 kids got us out of there at almost 11am. Ouch.

So far, this is the 4th week of school...
Brianna was checked out once for her Endo appointment.
Emma missed 2 days due to Strep
Brianna was checked out early 1 day to get tested for Strep (and stayed home the next but she doesn't have school on Fri anyway)
Micah missed his 1st day of school to go to the GI doctor after his IEP (so he just started the next day)
I spent Micah's first day at school except the last 90 minutes to help the teachers get to know him... and keep him corralled!
Emma, Kristopher, Brianna, and Micah ALL came in late after a doctor's appointment yesterday
Emma and Micah will come in late tomorrow so they can have their TB tests read (which so far look FINE! YAY!)

Now... everyone's had antibiotics (well, the 3 little ones), everyone's had flu shots, everyone's immunizations are up to date, and everyone's follow-up visits should be done for a little while.

But Monday is a holiday, and the Monday after that is a teacher-work-day. Seems like there's not really all that much SCHOOL going on yet!


  1. Yep. I jump like I've been stung every time my phone rings (vibrates) at work, anticipating it to be school. I don't even realize how tense I am until I see that it's Mark and I relax!

  2. Oh my goodness, I keep forgetting you're pregnant! I seriously don't know how you do it all, but my hat's off to you! Good luck with the birth of your new little one!! I love seeing how amazingly well your kids are doing--you guys are incredible parents!

  3. Isn't school grand? We have had a miraculously uneventful start to school this year! It has been wonderful! Only Logan missed school for one day because of being sick, and there have been appt.s but not too many!

    Hope you can take it easy and have smooth sailing soon!