Sunday, September 27, 2009


This morning with Kristopher at his desk and Brianna in her highchair each coloring with crayons, Kristopher called out "Brianna, come see my picture!" Knowing Brianna was up in her chair FULLY engrossed in coloring, I asked K to wait a few minutes until she was done. With that I hear "ok!" and Brianna climbed down from her chair (by herself) and went over to see what Kristopher had colored. Then, she took a look, clapped wildly and gestured that I should see it too. "YAY!" was Brianna's final remark as she went back to her picture.

Kids are fun :)


  1. Love it. :D And I love that these interactions mean so much to YOU. I totally get that. Its fun to see our kids growing and developing even in the little (or not so little) things. So cool.