Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Pictures

Think Brianna was happy to see Aunt Elizabeth?  She laid on her shoulder for a good 20 minutes.  I think she was especially glad to get some standing-rocking time in since I can’t do that right now…  She was excited to see her Aunt tho!


Snuggly little one


The blankets above and below were a gift from a friend.  They are SO soft!  The one Lynae is laying on top of in both pic’s I’ve been using to protect my couch pillows :)  It’s a burp cloth that the other side is a soft terry cloth.  Right now it’s a burp cloth, couch protector, changing pad, and occasionally a light blanket too :)  And the matching blanket has a sweet pink soft backing on it.  I have used the 2 burp cloths and blanket a LOT in the 4 days we’ve been home!  I’ll have to link over to her site later as I don’t have it handy, but she sells these along with other great handmade things for little ones :)



Brianna’s getting independent :)  She asked for all her clothes to come off… only needed help with her shirt.  Then she put her pullup in the diaper pail, her clothes on the changing table, and she went to the potty to go tinkle.  She then came back, got a little assistance with her shirt, and diaper, and she put her shorts on RIGHT all by herself.  Then she took them back OFF again, and put them on like this (below) and went to go play :)


Micah’s trying to be independent too!  He really was interested in seeing about getting these shoes back on his feet :)

DSCN6015 DSCN6017

Here’s K showing a story in his High Five magazine (Highlights for younger kids).  He likes that magazine!


Somehow Emma missed out on the pictures.  She was having a great time on the OTHER end of the playroom and didn’t make it in while I had the camera out.


  1. I love all the new pics!!! Congrats on the New Arrival too, She is Beautiful!!!

  2. your little one is precious...and of course the big ones are also :)

  3. Your newborn is so cute! How do you pronounce her name?
    Leenah or Lynah

  4. Love the pics! Your kids are just too cute!