Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I THINK we're ready...

and if not, there's not much we can do about it :)

Can't wait to meet our newest daughter tomorrow!

Today we went in for pre-op "teaching" and I have to say... the volunteer that was asked to walk me from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor was QUITE an interesting person. They require me to be escorted so she can use her badge to get me in on the maternity floor. But wow, I don't mind pressing the button and waiting for them to look through the window and admit me!

She arrives with a wheelchair-- after being told we don't need a wheelchair. At the clerk's insistence that I can walk just fine and the wheelchair isn't necessary and that patients are walked up all the time, the volunteer replied that SHE doesn't do it that way. So... sit I did. Who am I, at 9 months pregnant, to argue with a heated 70 yr old woman with a power issue that wants me to sit in the wheelchair?

So up to the 3rd floor where I told the volunteer Mike would be meeting us. She then asked me twice (quite seriously) if I was sure I knew him. Um... yes, he's my husband, baby's father, he's allowed in too... PROMISE.

The ladies at the desk just looked at me when being wheeled in and said "oh, um... hmm... never had someone wheeled in for pre-op before..." I just smiled as I stood up out of the wheelchair and said yes, well, she insisted I sit. The volunteer was leaving the room. I said I don't argue when there's no choice in the matter!

Pre-op was casual, the nurse was very nice and one that's also working tomorrow so that's always good.

My biggest concern is that having blood sugar issues I don't know how well I'll handle not being able to have ANY food or drink after midnight. I often feel lightheaded after getting up if I don't eat or drink anything and that's not a great way to start the day. I understand the 'safety' for the sake of anesthesia, but it seems an excessive amount of time to not even have a drink of water. The nurses shrugged and said it's not their rule, they can't say anything different. But no matter what time my surgery is scheduled, I still can't eat or drink after midnight. Hmm...

After pre-op we went to dinner with Mike's parents, my parents, and my brother and all the kids. It was a nice relaxing evening. Mike had to go back up to work to tie up some loose ends and should be home soon. K and B both fell asleep in my bed with me laying between them tonight. B was having trouble falling asleep and I let K stay in there too instead of going to bed as long as he laid nicely. He did ;)

Off to bed in an hour or so... but I'll take advantage of the midnight cut-off and have a glass of juice (which hopefully won't keep me awake too badly) before going to sleep. I'll have plenty of time to sleep tomorrow... right?


  1. Praying for a safe delivery of your little one tomorrow! Can't wait to "meet" her on here.

  2. Praying everything goes smoothly!!!

  3. Holding you up in prayer! Can't wait to meet the new little one! :-)

  4. ha ha Meredith, you are so funny! Hey post a before photo, won't ya?

  5. Soooo excited for you! I can hardly wait to see pics of your newest blessing :)
    Praying everything goes so well!

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