Thursday, September 03, 2009

Counting down

Today: Emma's 1st private PT session since starting school
Tonight: 9 adults and 14 kids for dinner group
Tomorrow: Micah and Brianna home, and bringing dinner to friends that had their baby last Sunday
Saturday: Micah's 3rd birthday party
Sunday: church
Monday: Micah and Brianna home
Tuesday: pre-op
Wednesday: meet baby girl :)

Micah and Emma's TB tests are NEGATIVE!! YAY!! After bringing them back to school I cleaned house a bit today. Well, at least got the laundry cycled through and dishes put away. Essentials :)

Looking forward to the afternoon and evening! And the countdown has begun. I can just say "Wednesday" now... and that sounds REALLY really soon!


  1. I am sending lots of prayers your way as you prepare to meet the newest addition to your family.

  2. That IS soon! and EXCITING! I will be sure to keep y'all in my prayers! Looking forward to seeing a picture or two when you are ready to share!


  3. Wonderful, I cannot wait to see your new daughter. Praying everything goes well with your delivery.