Friday, July 24, 2009

Who, me??

I got an email from a friend that said "so... how'd the doctor's visit go?" Oops! I guess I forgot to update!

On Monday I went to the OB and got the test results from the EKG and the Glucose testing that I had done 2 1/2 weeks prior. Yes, seriously the dr didn't call...

Anyway, EKG was within normal limits which means it either wasn't doing the weird stuff during the 10 second readout... or what it was doing is ok :)

The glucose testing however, showed very low levels. Like... really low. And I guess they also do other bloodwork on that draw because I'm told I'm anemic too. In all honestly, I'm surprised that the glucose testing came back that way. Yes, I think it's right because I've felt better after getting a little sugar each time I feel really bad... but.

They don't do this test fasting anymore (at least not here). So I went after lunch... after a sandwich and a soda. I thought- even if it's low, it won't show because I'll have had this soda AND the drink thingy, and it's a waste of time to do it because they don't ask what you had beforehand and I'm sure that has to affect it... right??

Well, needless to say, even having had a can of caffeine free coke about 20 minutes before drinking the awful orange syrupy stuff... my levels were still really low an hour later.

So... good news is my heart's not the cause of the weird almost-fainting spells, and that there IS another reason... And there's a pretty easy solution. Sugar. I'm to keep some sweet tarts, or starburst, or something like that on me at all times. Studies show these are some of the fastest to make it into the bloodstream whenever I have a 'low'.

Basically, I have gestational hypoglycemia, which is the opposite of gestational diabetes. I'm also taking iron so my anemia can be brought up and maybe I won't be so TIRED... and also will be at less risk of bleeding during the c-section. I'm supposed to eat smaller more frequent meals, and keep sugar around. Not so bad, right?! :)

There ya go.. an update on ME :D


  1. Nothing better than being told to keep candy on you at all times! :)

  2. Hmmm...does chocolate boost your blood sugar enough?? LOL Of course, I guess in FL it would probably melt anyway. ;)