Thursday, July 09, 2009

It wasn't fun!

Today I've been doing laundry, sheets, hanging shirts, that sort of thing... there was a goal at some point to clean the playroom, but the kids have been enjoying it so much today that I decided against working on that one... no point! I got a shower at noon when Mike came home for lunch and watched the kids, and until then was in my PJs. My boys are still in their PJs because there was nothing pressing today and they could! The girls are out and about in diapers because they both played in the tub this afternoon.

And that's what the fun part is. Or... isn't. Both girls played nicely in the tub, I washed their hair and sat where I could keep checking on them and the boys... Brianna wanted out and got dried off and back in a diaper to play. Emma was enjoying herself so I stayed where I can see her and everyone else and let her have those 3" of water all to herself :) She loved it! I closed the glass doors to keep the splashing inside and watched as she spun herself around, laid on her belly, flipped over and sat up, splashed, and splashed, came up sputtering a time or two but always fine, always in sight, and having fun.

Then I went to get her out.

And noticed the BROWN. WATER.

Yes, she had pooped in the tub. And because the glass doors were closed, even tho I was close, I couldn't smell it. This was a good thing- but also a bad thing. A very. bad. thing. Because it was NASTY.

I put her on the far end of the tub and took out all the toys (of course she had ALL the toys... because it was a fun "play in the tub" time, not just a quick bath and get out). I refilled the tub a bit and scrubbed the ceramic. I rinsed Emma. I rinsed the tub. I washed Emma. With soap. Sweet smelling soap. I washed her hair. Wish shampoo. Nice smelling shampoo. I rinsed with water straight from the tap. Not from the tub. I didn't let the tub fill even.


Now I'm waiting until after dinner when Mike can keep the kids and I can Lysol the entire tub, toys and make sure there's NO residue of scent anywhere to be found. Then I can give her ANOTHER bath. With soap. Sweet smelling soap. And shampoo. Nice smelling shampoo. And pray she comes out smelling sweet and nice.

Then I can go take another shower myself. Because even if the scent didn't rub off on me, I feel gross.


  1. Ohhhh...I am SO sorry. Yuck.

  2. That stinks, I hate it when the Poop smell lingers forever!

  3. Yikes. My kids did that a couple of time (not to THAT extent though.) Now they never ever get to sit in the tub without their swim nappy on.

  4. Poop in the tub, we are getting where we will not do water play until after BM's, too many in the swimming pool. Yucky, icky, stinky, gross. Happens here too much.

    (((((((((hugs))))))))))) cleaning up that mess is not fun, especially when you are expecting.

    Try vinegar with your soap, it does eliminate the poopy smell. You can wash with pretty smelling soap again afterwards.