Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brianna's big day- surgery pics

Waiting patiently, of course with some Dora goodness.  That gown was HUGE on her :) 

(and look... another pic of me, see? No complaining Ukraine folks, :)  So what if I still have a kid on my lap?? :) )


This was smart-- they brought out the mask with the scent 'pasted' in it and let Brianna play with it for a few minutes.  They brought her back totally awake and then put her under and did her IV after that.  She liked playing with the mask, so that was good!  And I'm also glad that they carried her back, didn't make her ride on the bed.  She went right to a nurse, then the nurse asked if the anesthesiologist wanted to take her (he's about to be a daddy for the first time) and she went right to him too :)  So... she said bye and smiled all the way back.


The smiles didn't last all that long though- this is right after surgery.  When she saw Mike on their way through the halls toward the elevator, she sat up QUICK in bed, startled and pretty out of it, but we had to lay her back down and just walked next to her down to the recovery area.  She wasn't in too bad of a mood- I was given a big chair and I sat and held her.  We brought a DVD player and her FAVORITE movie of all time... Disney's Enchanted... and she was content to sit.  You can see that her temples are really swollen in this picture.  That's really the only thing that you could tell she had surgery by- visually anyway.  She kept offsetting her jaw too, but only until the Demerol started to wear off a bit more :) 


Brianna only cried or fussed once, and said "NO!!!" and that was when she was dressed, had eaten 1/2 a cup of sherbet, and we turned off her movie to go home :)  She then watched it in the car on the drive home and finished it up on the couch at the house.

The rest of the day and most of the day Saturday she was a bit tired and clingy, but didn't seem to be in much pain.  She had pain meds twice... once on Fri afternoon and once on Sat evening when she was acting really out of sorts.  Then about an hour later she threw up.  Three times.  So I'm not sure if the discomfort was because she was starting to feel sick, or whether the pain meds made her throw up... but so long as she doesn't seem to need them, we're not just giving her pain meds around the clock.

This morning I'm home with the girls while Mike took the boys to church.  Even though Brianna seems to be doing pretty good, she's not quite ready to be left in the nursery and especially not after throwing up last night.  If she hadn't thrown up, we would have had her just come and sit with us, but instead decided another day at home was in order.


And this, just for fun, was taken the day before Bria's surgery.  These three kids are little buddies :)  Emma loves to crawl up on the ottoman then flip herself over it.  Gives me a heart attack when she launches herself over it- knowing her head will hit that rug which has no pad, it's just on the tile.  But Brianna and Micah are in on the fun too and Brianna goes over to tickle Emma and Micah just to sit with them and giggle.  They sure have a lot of fun together, it's so neat to see their little personalities taking off!


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  1. i am glad it went well. .i hope her recovery is fast too!!