Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Since it's a holiday weekend

I can't go to the lab and hospital on Friday! Ah, well... the best laid plans...

I called down to the hospital and found out I could go TODAY before 4 for the EKG so I went ahead and did that. My mom was easily available and came over for just less than an hour. I went to one of the hospital's affiliated centers that's just 5 min from my house (and has apparently been there for 2 years and I had NO IDEA!).

I couldn't get a hold of the lab that I have to go to in order to find out whether they're open on Friday or not, so that one may have to wait until Monday... or Tuesday. Monday is Brianna's pre-op for her adenoids and tubes too. And tomorrow I have a friend coming over to spend the day with us so tomorrow's out too.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their Independence Day weekend! Any fun plans??


  1. When will they read the EKG and get back to you? Hope you can squeeze in the glucose test soon too. ALso hope all is within normal range. You're almost at the finish line.


  2. BTW, 2 parades are in our plans. Judson can ride his bike in one and we can all walk in the other. Plus friends coming over. Busy. Not sure we'll accomplish it all but hey, we can plan, can't we.