Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm not sure I want to 'win' all the time!

I had my OB appointment this morning. It's been over 6 weeks since I was in last because I missed the appointment 2 weeks ago (that's a whole 'nother story!) and they couldn't reschedule me until now.

Baby sounds good, measuring fine, weight gain is fine, no worries with her.

But *I* win this time. My heartbeat is irregular. Not really a huge surprise because I was diagnosed with an innocent heart murmur when I was 13. But at the beginning of the pregnancy it wasn't even audible. Today it was audible in the BP cuff w/ stethoscope and a palpated pulse. So, as the doctor put it, I have won myself an EKG.

Just what I always wanted... I'd much rather 'win' on insurance issues and such, not on weird symptoms or issues!

My doctor is also wondering whether the episodes of what seems like maybe low blood sugar are actually related to the heart. Who knows. Looks like Friday I get to go visit the hospital for an EKG and then go down to the lab for the glucose testing. Still unsure of whether the glucose test will tell about low blood sugar? It will tell whether the pancreas is working well to deal with a high rate of sugar all at once, but not necessarily what my body does without sugar. I have no idea... but- that's what Friday looks like now, fun fun fun...


  1. Ahhh...bummer! Praying it's nothing! It's going to be funny when the EKG tech starts talking you through the test. Most 27 year old women don't know how EKG's are conducted and how they work, but you've been around that block a few times! LOL! Praying you'll find time to squeeze that test in your busy life and that it looks clear!!

  2. Well that stinks. Hope everything turns out to be fine... I'm sure it will. Prayers!

  3. did they test your hemoglobin? low hemoglobin will cause a murmur.
    also being run down, not enough sleep and not eating enough throughout the day will cause the murmur to be audible. take care let someone help you out.