Monday, July 06, 2009

Pictures and updates :)

We bought a life jacket for the younger kids when we went out the other day- We'd picked one up for Kristopher already but when we found out how much Brianna liked the kayak... we decided to get one that would fit her too.  She didn't like the idea of being put down in the water and let go of... but the life vest DID keep her afloat.  It did NOT, however, flip Brianna onto her back :(  But, the idea is for it to keep her from sinking if something happened.  And when placed on her back she DID float on her back, which was good.

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Today I took Brianna in for her pre-op visit.  She gets her adenoids out on Friday and new ear tubes.  Hopefully it will be day-surgery but he said to plan on up to a 23 hour stay depending on how she does drinking after surgery.

While we were waiting in the waiting room... Brianna tapped her diaper and said "uh oh" and then went back to watching the fish.  Weird.  Then she did it again.  I asked if she wanted to go potty and sure enough she went in and peed in the toilet!  And... her diaper was dry :)  Maybe we'll potty train soon after all?

Brianna also ventured out and ate not one, but THREE small mandarin orange pieces today!  She's usually not in to trying anything new... but this worked!  We really struggle with getting her to eat.  Especially things that are healthy.


We put Emma in the jacket too.  Not necessarily because Mike would take her out in the kayak- not sure she could sit still long enough to enjoy it.  But because I was curious whether it would give us a similar effect to the 'head float' that we borrowed a week ago.  It's not nearly as buoyant, and the head piece is much more flimsy than I would have liked, but as you can see, it did keep her afloat for the most part.  It also DID put her back onto her back if she was on her face.  Problem is when she gets on her side... with 1/2 her head in the water.  She can't breathe nor flip.  Maybe just a skill to work on?  I think we'll hold off on buying the head float and try this out some more!

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Emma has been chewing again.  It was BAD then it was GONE and now it's back about 1/4 of what it was when it was really bad... but still there. 

She did, however, begin going to her 'new seat' at the table instead of going to Brianna's chair (her old seat) if Brianna is already at the table.  She's also started to COME to us when we put out our hands and say "come here".  This is HUGE!! 


This is on the 4th of July, we put out the kiddy pool, the rice bin, and a bunch of lawn blankets as well as a bin of water for Kristopher (on the other side of the driveway) for him to play with his squirt gun in.  Mike and I cleaned out the garage, sorted through some things but mostly just put away stuff that we had 'set aside' and not put back in a good home.  I also found 3 boxes that we never unpacked 2 years ago when we moved here!

Anyway, just before lunch I got everyone drinks and Micah laid right down in the 1" of water and took his bottle there :)


Micah's made some big strides here lately.  He comes (most of the time) when we call him and he can see us and we gesture to come.  He also is starting to eat better... again... and I think we're back where we started before he regressed.  Hopefully we can go forward from here!

Micah is walking GREAT, 100% of the time, and is able to go up and down low-incline ramps.  He's even just figured out how to climb up on our chairs AND how to safely get down :)  His favorite is to get on the coffee table we put in front of the TV (to keep the kids just a foot or 2 away from the TV set) and to lay on there.  Of course he's not allowed... but... :)

Micah is also starting to listen when told not to go into an area he's not allowed.  Not always, we're still probably less than 50/50, but it is working SOMETIMES which is a blessing :)


Kristopher had a good time outside with his squirt gun and 'bugs' in a water bucket.  So much so, that yesterday when Mike offered him 3 choices- go in the pool, go out to the park in the kayak (for the first time), or go in the front yard and play with a bucket of water... he wanted to play with the water!  Mike washed the vans :)



Kristopher is doing great :)  His imagination is in full swing, and he's loving having his siblings to play with this summer.  He's doing better with interacting with them and we've set up a few boundaries that are helping him to not have the opportunity to be in trouble. 

Kristopher has also learned how to unlock the front door with a key, which is great when I have my hands full (of other kids)!  He feels so big being a helper and I appreciate it too!  He also LOVES to go get the mail and can go down to the mailbox by himself, he watches for cars (we're on a dead-end road so there aren't many, but if there is a car often it's speeding...), and he comes back up through the garden area so he's not walking by the parked cars in the driveway.  Often people are coming or going and by the time he's gotten to the driveway I don't want someone to forget he was back there and not look for him!!

Kristopher has also been doing 100% better with bedtime now that the kids are going to bed a little later AND he's being great with his new 'room mate', Brianna.


This pic is cute, but more than anything, I want to know how Emma got in the bucket!?!?!  I heard Micah fuss and had been out of the room for a few minutes.  I came back to find E and M in the bin, and B was climbing in.  I went and got my camera and came back to find Bria sitting loving on Micah.  K hadn't been in the room... I have NO IDEA how Emma, especially, got in there!  Micah too... but I can see him maneuvering it since he does at least stand-alone!



And... here they are... the fabulous 4... :)  All sporting their Old Navy 2009 flag shirts.  PROUD to be an American :)  Our 2nd Independence day together! image


  1. Thanks for the idea on the potty training. I was trying to figure out a way for Dennis to tell me since he can't talk. ;)

  2. I LOVE all of the pictures! Emma is such a beauty, she is going to shock and amaze so many people! She obviously wanted IN that bin!