Monday, July 06, 2009

Baby conversations

Tonight I laid in my bed with Kristopher as he watched a Veggie Tales movie- Jonah. This has become a new routine for him- after the other 3 kids go to bed he gets to watch a Veggie Tales, or occasionally a Hermie movie or another short video. It's some quiet down-time for him, a chance for a little drink of water and a small snack, and a chance for the other kids to get a head start on sleep since originally we did it based on the fact that kids were playing when they all went to bed at the same time. But now, it's also a nice time for us to spend some quiet one on one time with Kristopher. Not every night... sometimes he watches alone... but several nights a week.

So tonight when his movie finished he came over and wanted to feel the baby. He sat, patiently (for the first time), and waited for her to move. Except she was obviously not going to move. We had some interesting conversations that came of it, though, including some of the following:
  • The baby will not stick her foot out of my belly to kick him, it would just be a bump that he would see or feel
  • No, the baby isn't in "those"... but when she's born, they will have milk for her to drink. Yes, very much like a pig (thank you Charlotte's Web). And a cow, yes, but no, a blanket has fur, sortof, and doesn't give milk... it's also not alive and doesn't have babies...
  • When the baby is born you won't see a foot coming out because you won't be there. And mommy's baby will come out when I have surgery, yes it will be sore for a while after and I won't be able to pick up the other kids or run around, but it will all be ok.
  • My belly feels 'mushy' and then hard because there's a balloon in my tummy with water in it, and the baby is in that water. She needs the water to protect her. The hard you feel in the water when you press on my tummy is the baby.
  • No, when she's born you won't be allowed to try to wake her up like you're doing now in order to see her move. Why not? Babies cry when you wake them up by pushing on them. We want her to sleep when she needs to sleep and when she needs to be awake she will be!

Ah... the joy of 5 yr olds. If only Mike had been here, I'm sure he would have enjoyed the conversation too :) But hey, I figure I get off easy since the "how do they come out?" question is as simple as "surgery" this time around :) :). What kind of questions have your kids asked you about pregnancy or babies being born?? And if anyone from K's school in the fall is reading this... be forewarned... I can just imagine what he's going to come out with once the baby is born and he goes back to school the next day!! LOL


  1. When I told Jarika I was pregnant with Avery, she already knew the how he got there business. She just looked at me and said "You and Daddy did that again!?"

  2. When I was about 4 my sister had just been potty-trained and my cat had been spayed. You'd think those things would be related. But not with me....

    We were walking through the grocery and I was telling my mom she needed to buy diapers. She explained we didn't because my sister didn't need them. I told her they could be for the NEW baby. She told me that she wasn't going to have another baby.

    And to her horror I loudly stated: YOU MEAN YOU GOT SHOVELED??????????

    Apparently my understanding of birth from pets needed some work.

  3. When Sawyer was little, (with heart issues) he could not nurse long enough to get nutrition. He'd peter out after a few sips. So I pumped for almost a year. Judson would ask to help. So he'd either hold the cups on mommy or he'd put the cups on him to see if milk came out of him. He was a bit disappointed that milk didn't come from him.

    Of course, now he knows babies can grow in your belly but he more often assumes babies come from places like Taiwan and Ethiopia.