Thursday, July 02, 2009

A nice visit ;)

Today we visited with my friend R. We went to pick her up before lunch then went to the park for a bit to let the kids play. After they got some running and climbing in we went to the grocery store and picked up subs for R, Mike, and I and dropped Mike's off at the church.

Then back to the house and I put lunch together for the 4 little ones, we all ate, and K went to my bedroom to watch a movie and 'rest'. The girls played on the porch after Brianna combated rest time and I gave up, and Micah slept. R and I watched Bride Wars. It was cute- I hadn't seen it or really even heard much about it because I don't watch TV but it's one that my sister was planning on renting when I was up there and it didn't work out.

After the movie we sat around the house a bit, R listened to her i-pod and I got a load of laundry started and the dishwasher loaded. The kids enjoyed the freedom of just hanging out and playing, and we had a relaxing afternoon. R and I also looked through some old pictures of Mike and I as little kids and even a few baby photos (not together, we met in junior high...). Kristopher surprised me by actually cleaning his room when asked... a nice treat :)

Around 5 R's mom picked her up but came in and visited for a while. All the kids needed a turn in her lap, too, and Kristopher was having fun playing with my camera- so I actually have some photos from today! I forgot to get permission to post them tho-- will have to ask :)

We enjoyed the day, it's nice to get out of the 'regular' of every day. I can't tell you when the last time that I watched a movie at 12:30 in the afternoon was. Well... one that was actually made for adults anyway :) And the visit to the park is always more fun with company!

I love to see Brianna and R interact. You can see the special place that Brianna holds in R's life and Brianna was telling me she wouldn't hold my hand today at the park, but she held R's hand willingly... so I know the feeling is mutual :) When Brianna was 2 months old and was diagnosed with Ds, one of the first people that we told were R and her mom. That day it was presented to R that Brianna would need a role model and we were so glad to know R and all that she has accomplished and that Brianna would be able to grow up with her as a role model.

Let me tell you, R takes that job seriously and I love it :) We talked a bit about it today, even. It's nice getting to spend time with friends, and a nice laid-back relaxing day was much needed this week :)

Oh, and while we were at the grocery store we ran into another friend and her daughter w/ Ds. L is 14. L's mom hadn't met our newest kids yet-- it's been a while since we saw each other face to face! So as we congregated in the entrance to the grocery store, we had almost 3 'decades' of sweet people that happen to have that extra chromosome, all in one place...

Maybe some pic's in the next few days...

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