Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I didn't do today...

Load the dishwasher
Wash even a single load of laundry
Put away the clothes that have been in a laundry basket for a week by the kids' bedroom door
Finish cleaning the older kids' room
Wash the tile in my shower
Change the kids sheets- which I just NOW realized, since I'm writing this list, and Emma woke up with a wet diaper up her back... so I guess she's getting another bath in the morning and THEN clean sheets. They were dry, they didn't smell... what can I say?? Other than thank God for waterproof mattress pads... And yes, all the kids are already asleep. I don't dare wake them up to change sheets!
Vacuum any room- and there are a few that need it
Clean the drinks that are spilled in my car- did I mention that a few days ago someone got in my van overnight and stole all the change out of my change jar? Probably only $4-6, but they also trashed the car, spilling the remainders of a chocolate milk 'juice box' that had been left there all over my console. Thankfully it doesn't smell bad, but it's gross. And... thankfully they didn't take my Handicapped tag, the second screen to my DVD player (player is in Mike's car now tho), the kids' PASSPORTS which had been taken out of their documents file the previous day and I forgot they were left in the car, my phone charger... Really they ONLY took change! And they even left the pennies (scattered around the van and concrete... a choking hazard but still...)
Cook a meal. Unless heating quesadillas stove-top counts... maybe...

What I DID do today...
Changed one SOPPING wet little girl and gave an immediate shower
Changed one STINKY poopy boy and gave him a nice long SOAKING bath
Changed one more little girl that thankfully doesn't get any strong descriptors on her diaper, and gave her a quick bath
Fed 4 children breakfast
Got out clothes for said 4 children and left them out while I grabbed a shower (mom dressed the 3 of them that don't do it alone)
Went to 2 elementary schools to get out-of-area paperwork signed for K to attend the same school as the other kids (hence my mom being there!)
"Made" lunch- PBJ
Put 2 kids down for naps
Laughed when one little person proudly came back out of her room to announce she was 'done' about 5 minutes later (still not sure how she got out of bed) and plopped herself in a bean bag to watch the rest time movie...
Laid down in the recliner and watched the kids play, watch Elmo, play, and play some more.
Called my sister to wish her a Happy 30th Birthday
"Made" dinner- quesadillas and assorted other 'stuff' lol
Got 4 kids into PJ's, teeth brushed, meds given, and off to bed...
Took a nice long bubble bath and read a book in the tub (oh wait, that didn't actually happen, but it sounds good!

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