Monday, July 06, 2009

Photos from our day with R

Here are the promised pic's of R with my kiddos... her mom stayed a bit as well when she came to pick her up so she's in some photos too!

With the girls, Emma wanted up on R's lap SO badly... Then when she got there she went limp :)


Even tho the kids weren't super cooperative for this one, I like it :)  Emma was put off that Brianna claimed R's lap, and Micah was an escapee!


Kristopher took the rest of these pictures-- he asked for the camera then snapped away!

A warm welcome- when D got here to pick up R, Micah went right to her and put his arms up!  D is the bookstore manager and works at the front desk at our church, so the kids know her well and we stop in to visit a few minutes whenever we're at the church.  As soon as D walked in to the family room, Emma was on her toes wanting to be held, and Brianna eventually got her turn in too :) 


See? I really do exist... and Brianna's hiding the huge belly :)

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The photographer...



  1. Goodness, M, you don't even look pregnant!!

  2. seems to have been a nice visit

  3. aww what a great time you had. are you sure you are PG????? dang girl!